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National delicacy feeds corn account project and standard (try out)
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One, bear period

(one) sow period: Point to the date that sow, express with day / month, similarly hereinafter.

(2) emerge period: What whole area has 50 % is germinal come up out of land amount to 2 centimeters tall the date when.

(3) medicinal powder powdery period: The bough of plant male spic that whole area has 50 % begins to come loose powdery date.

(4) spin period: Whole area has filament of female spic of 50 % plant to take out bract 3 centimeters date.

(5) Xian Guosui collects close period: Sweet corn in the 21 ~ after spin the 23 ~ after spin of corn of 24 day, glutinous are collected 26 days close and account.

(6) autumn: The Xie You of bud of plant fruit spic that whole area has 90 % above is green become yellow, the date of seed bead sclerosis.

(7) bear period: Emerge is counted to mature total overhead.

2 plant character

(one) individual plant is expensive: In breast ripe period anthology have representative plant 20 individual plant of 10 ~ , measure the height to male spic top from the ground, beg its average, with centimeter express.

(2) spic tall: With survey individual plant tall undertake at the same time. Wear to spic of the first fruit from ground quantity the height of gnarl, beg its average, with centimeter express.
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