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Metaphase of northeast area new corn will be entered " Xiong Tu "
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The policy that ask city has not come on stage, had better await first wait-and-see

Integration analysis, northeast area new food be about to batch enters town, in each area supply and demand, purchase and sale, carry the condition that waits for a state to differ, northeast 4 provinces after one area new corn appears on the market go sign is possible somewhat difference, but in seasonal supply enterprise of pressure, purchase and sale to enter city manner discretion, farmer to expect to be worth taller, country to publish the collective influence such as policy of the sex that ask city to fall to new food price, big trend will be relatively similar. From the point of situation of current and northeast market, majority purchases main body to buy quote prep above last year the corresponding period, it may be said ' leave high ' , but appear on the market as new corn the enlarge of the quantity, anticipate the price goes low steadily.

Phase of supply and demand slants empty price leaves high low go

Enter October, our country corn reaps plan to be accelerated ceaselessly, up to now, northeast corn results finishs 90% above, threshing appears on the market although the amount is not big, but compare apparent already however increase with the photograph before the National Day, company of deep treatment of this section section begins to be bought into city in succession, below the circumstance that cultivates cost to rise in farmer, its open level value prep above last year the corresponding period, but anticipate under market personage. Of the enterprise of purchase and sale such as northeast food business, grain depot buy the job to have not spread out, on one hand as a result of new food not batch appears on the market, purchase soja because of busying on the other hand, the reason that still has opposite outbalance is to be in seasonal supply the element influence such as pressure to fall, spot market trend is not steady, the risk that control money is bigger, because this is wait-and-see, awaiting is best avoid danger method. Walk along the judgement of situation to northeast area corn, think the price " leave high low go " view hasten is the same as, be in especially countrywide corn bumper crop, breed reach industrial demand growth is slow wait for sex of phase of supply and demand to slant below empty case, after batch of northeast new food appears on the market, the trend will step Xiong Tu.

With all possible means expectation of element influence farmer is taller
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