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In lacking callback of price of corn of interest good news to belong to reason
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Up to on October 14, according to statistic of Ministry of Agriculture, our country harvests autumn grain to already passed most probably, among them corn harvests 93% above. Gains of provisions of Inner Mongolia, Henan, Heilongjiang, Shandong, Jilin autumn ends basically already, xinjiang, Heibei, Guizhou, Beijing, Liaoning, Tianjin, Qinghai has been harvested 9 into, anhui, Sichuan exceeds 80% , hubei, Gansu Province already closed 7 into above. As autumn grain results enters final sprint phase, new corn appears on the market quantity also relatively increase somewhat before this, close interior to divide an area to appear on the market among them the volume rises particularly apparent. Prop up in what at present domestic and international market all lacks interest good news below, near future of domestic corn price appears seasonal callback process also is in reason. Concrete analysis is as follows:

One, rice season sexual intercourse replaces northeast Xin Chenyu yield a division, the business leaves level value to expect price level generally under the market. Current, most area new corn reaps northeast to already drew near end, because local Chen Liang supply of goods uses up almost basically already to use up, add new corn to appear on the market shortly, the most company that use food already changed the look to go up to the new food this year, make consequently the market of most area is shown valence does not have city situation. The respect is bought in new food, because at present air temperature still does not suit the get onning of new food,aspic threshings, after predicting to sell height general to freeze greatly on the last ten-day of a month in November, ability can be formed. It is new corn club more because of what this appears on the market at present. From northeast the level of price driving a balance to new this year food comes to company of a few large deep treatment look, although relatively the level rose somewhat last year, but relatively the farmer before this anticipates still difference is not little.

2, China north weather has turned, partial area new corn appears on the market the quantity begins enlarge, supply pressure to show. Up to now, new corn of Shandong, Henan and area of ministry of river Beijing University already was harvested end, as a result of in September since the last ten-day of a month, between harvest of local new food, be worth inside Shanghaiguan to appear weather of big range precipitation, delayed new corn not only appear on the market plan, and cause certain adverse effect character to grain, main show is moisture on the high side, the corn mildew of a few areas changes rate is higher. And after National Day grows a holiday to pass, as condition of most area weather improve, new corn reaps plan to be accelerated apparently, relatively appropriate weather also easily the air of new food is basked in reach precipitation, because of inside Shanghaiguan of this near future new corn of a few areas appears on the market the quantity begins relatively early days increases apparently, this also quickened local corn market glide. Nevertheless, because at present price of China north corn is approaching bottom line of farmer psychology price stage by stage, a few areas already appeared the circumstance that farmer cherish makes work, accordingly short time looks, local corn price continues considerably the possibility of fall after a rise is not large also.
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