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Corn suffers policy adjusting control to drop the space is limited
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In last few months, by the United States second the credit crisis that borrows the crisis to cause erupts in the round, spread to the whole world ceaselessly each countries, although each are big the Central Bank is gigantic endowment help city, but the trend that still cannot reverse economy to put delay, cause severe impact to stock market and commodity market, option market of natural our country also fails escape by sheer luck, but corn as one of our country main grain ration, behaved below the adjusting control of national industry policy fight apparently drop quality, also became the better port in this second finance storm.

The industrial policy with certain dimension becomes the Shuang Renjian of adjusting control market

In recent years, sail as global economy drive, however global inflation also is in ceaseless aggravate, caused the situation that produce perch runs directly, however our country becomes humanness mouth big state, also be agricultural big country, how to ensure stability of domestic commissariat price makes the job with administrative first layer, from 7 years second half of the year began a country to come on stage in succession a series of measure of industrial adjusting control, specific include: Cancel commissariat and drawback of its milling exit; Collect 5 % to corn exit temporarily custom duty; Execute management of export quota licence to commissariat milling; Will begin to hold a country every week almost on December 11 from 7 years auction of Chu Yu rice, planned very well to control the too rapid growth of corn price, reflect the expression on futures price to be: Beautiful 8 years first half of the year corn rises 61.8 % , beautiful beans goes up a 31.8 % , international crude oil goes up a 49.4 % , and go up even corn only 12.4 % , present apparent sluggish to go up pattern; Enter however July, international situation take a sudden turn and become worse rapidly, financial storm sweeps across the whole world to bring about commodity ox city no longer, present the extreme that steep fall to go situation, 3 short time segment commodity of the month drops amount to 50 % , specific for: Beautiful corn for a time the biggest drop for 51.6 % , beautiful beans drops for 48.9 % , international crude price falls for 52.5 % , day glue drops for 54.7 % , domestic situation also is such, drop even the beans for 43.2 % , shanghai copper drops for 41.6 % , shanghai glue drops for 56 % , drop even corn only it is 13.8 % only, from home main area sees even corn, domestic corn spending is low from beginning to end this year fan, present what beg for be more than to slant empty main area, and showed even corn in storm however fight apparently drop quality, the dimension certain measure that still basically is industrial policy produced very good effect, restrained corn first half of the year rise considerably the indirect also bubble that reduced corn price, callback strength is abate also be natural; At the same time the country restricts the policy of exit, make domestic corn speaks a volume considerably atrophic, show according to customs data, 1-9 month exports corn in all 190 thousand tons, reduce 95.6 % compared to the same period, and volume of 1-9 month import also has 16727 tons only, maintained inferior level, huge reduced the correlation with the international market to spend, ensured domestic corn self-sufficient rate is in 90 % above, reduced this second finance storm secondhand to be opposite the concussion of domestic corn market; Additional, to prevent ' cereal cheap is hurt farming ' situation, in market price case low below confused condition, country store hold market price in the palm actively to buy grain with lowest to the market, huge was ensured cultivate door profit, 8 years Chu Zaidong north buys nation of the beginning of the year corn 8 million tons (actual 6.7 million tons) huge alleviated farmer sells grain difficult issue, showed the result that certain measure of dimension of national industry policy brings adequately, the effective also acuteness wave motion in weakening corn to be changed in bear of commodity market ox.
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