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Today bright two years corn market will still maintain perch to move
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Since last year, corn price lasts perch moves, corn estate development is very rapid, had become the heat that social all circles pays close attention to and focal issue. New nowadays food buys shortly, what kind of state will the corn market this year present? A few days ago, come from Jilin, Liaoning, Heilongjiang, Inner Mongolia, Guangdong and Shandong commissariat advocate produce province and advocate the door of Ministry of Agriculture that sells a division is right situation and price take the corn demand this year situation undertook thorough analysis: Today bright two years corn market will still maintain perch to move, but the not certain factor that affects change of home, international market still exists, corn price may appear level sex is fluctuant. Look from supply situation, northeast 3 provinces although one area suffers relatively severe drought, but because corn sows an area to increase more, corn total output won't under last year. Look from demand situation, the policy of macroscopical adjusting control that the country adopts, effectively attune reduced corn alcohol yield, corn demand more comes from feed consumption.

One, corn advocate produce a division: Increase production is become finality get the combined influence such as policy element, atmosphere element, technology element, bumper harvest of Jilin province grain already was become finality, forecast complete province commissariat always is produced and corn always is produced will exceed the history best level. Heilongjiang province predicts to save corn to always be produced completely also compare on year have relatively grow substantially. Liaoning province predicts total output is compared go up year of growth 700 thousand tons or so.

Although northeast 3 provinces one area commissariat advocate increase production of corn yield a division already was to finality, but look from global corn condition, corn crop is decreased slightly, consumption continues to increase, overall supply slant close. Look from domestic corn condition, stability of supply and demand is advocate fundamental key. Restore as the abidance of aquaculture, process a business in succession answer produce, all make profit good impact to corn market.

Accordingly, although at present domestic corn market still handles situation of relatively weak city, but affect as a result of the relevant element such as uncertainty of the growth of demand, crop, corn value is total look relatively strong. As inside Shanghaiguan new corn batch appears on the market, level sex market is supplied will increase, weather variation, prices rises wait for an element to will affect corn price. But wave motion of little scope of sex of overall stability, phase walks along situation main shaft for the price, firm syncopation has on raise will be corn price goes of situation advocate fundamental key.
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