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Situation of the corn after autumn harvest passes is analysed
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Current, the results job of corn of our country new season is arriving from north south spread out. Inside Shanghaiguan part produces parcel of area and Liaoning, Jilin the area already had a few appearing on the market in succession. Although September the last ten-day of a month, the weather of big range precipitation that China north lasts produced adverse effect to job of local autumn harvest, new food appears on the market plan is deferred somewhat and water separates general on the high side. But because the space is new the time that corn batch appears on the market is closer and closer already, corn produces overall condition to be valued generally this year.

One of, crop of corn of northeast major area achieves apparent growth. From this year since spring sowing, condition of weather of northeast and most area all the growth of crop of corn of more appropriate this locality, because this the way corp is growing is general better. Enter August, little wet of occurrence high temperature of Heilongjiang part area and Jilin minority area is angry, bring about soil moisture content of this locality soil to drop thereby, appear phenomenon of different level drought, caused adverse effect to the growth of corn crop. On one hand, although Heilongjiang corn sows an area this year relatively gave now to fall last year, and the ravages of a drought that partial area encounters is right also the level of per unit area yield of local corn produces adverse effect, it is better to because the way corp is growing of Heilongjiang corn early days is general,do not pass, add complete last year province encounters severe drought and considerably reduction of output, because this predicts this year local corn crop will still relatively grew somewhat last year. On the other hand, jilin Changchun with on the west, elm because the parcel area with north will is worth period of form a vesicle in August, place did not give existing effect rainfall inside day of 35 days of ~45, ravages of a drought is relatively accordingly severe, add parcel area to encounter disaster caused by a windstorm, all constitute particular menace to crop. Nevertheless, because the others is major area corn the way corp is growing is good, because crop of corn of this this locality predicts amplitude is more apparent compared to the same period. In addition, liaoning majority area because local weather condition is very appropriate, edaphic soil moisture content is major the area is nice, accordingly this year local corn crop compared to the same period amplitude should apparent bigger.

And the effect that although encounter Chu Shuang freezes,Inner Mongolia corn produces, but because temperature picks up faster, the adverse effect that to its accordingly integral crop constitutes is relatively finite, because local corn crop predicts to grow somewhat compared to the same period this this year, go up in 1%~2% . On the whole, the weather condition to this locality corn growth of northeast this year most area development is very advantageous, because growth of implementation of this its whole crop is formed basically already,finality.
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