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The city after corn will still keep weak force structure
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Since September, as and other places of Shandong, Henan, Heibei new corn appears on the market in succession, market corn supply increases apparently, whole of corn spot market is shown firm in hasten weak posture. Monitor according to Department of Commerce, corn of the Shandong at the beginning of October, Henan, Heibei buys the price on average to part relatively the middle ten days of a month will drop in September 0. 7 % , 0. 4 % and 0. 1 % , of northeast area drop on average also be in 0. 1 % is controlled.


International respect, those who stem from pair of United States and global economic situation is anxious, investment orgnaization is many undersell corn, bring about price of futures of corn of Chicago futures exchange dropped considerably recently.


(one) corn crop predicts to increase, later period market is supplied enough.

According to national grain oil information center is newest forecast, crop of our country corn predicted to will achieve 156 million tons 2008, relatively grew 4.17 million tons 2007. Current, new corn of and other places of Shandong, Henan, Anhui has appeared on the market, northeast area corn also enters autumn, later period market is supplied enough.


(2) Chu Yu rice auctions the country clinch a deal volume innovation is low, market demand is abate.

On September 23, the country is in about branch and unit Anhui commissariat is wholesale trade the market (the assembly room that contain component) contest price sells a country Chu Yu rice 300 thousand tons, clinch a deal actually 2. 30 thousand tons, clinch a deal rate it is only 7. 7 % , for price of contest of all previous corn sale lowest clinchs a deal level. Clinch a deal all valence 1541 yuan of / ton, relatively will clinch a deal on September 17 price fall after a rise 16 yuan. Since July, domestic pork price lasts fall after a rise, breed a profit space to be compressed, restrained corn raise to use requirement. In addition, birds egg breeds trade beneficial result not tall, to corn market demand also will produce an effect.

(3) cultivate cost and industrial demand to support corn price.

According to monitoring, the half moon on September, average price divides countrywide nitrogenous fertilizer, potash fertilizer, compound fat market not to rise compared to the same period 40. 2 % , 88. 4 % and 61. 5 % . Labour cost relatively rose last year 60 % left and right sides. Cost adds the space that drops limitative corn price. In addition, although near future oil price appears fall after a rise, but integral level is higher still, corn industry demand also will produce the certain effect that prop up to corn price.
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