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Policy publishs wheaten corn soja to go situation each different
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Standing conference just decides the State Council 17 days increase strong Nong Huinong policy strength, relatively raise commissariat lowest to buy the price substantially, passed only weekend, national hair changes appoint the lowest that facilitates 20 days announced crop of instantly grain oily cotton to buy product of food of part of valence, next year is bought the price and the straight filling policy to the farmer.

Change according to sending appoint the newest commissariat lowest that announce buys price plan provision, current northeastern region, according to round-grained nonglutinous rice every a unit of weight 0.92 yuan, corn 0.75 yuan price executes every a unit of weight the country closes temporarily store according to every a unit of weight 1.85 yuan price hangs out his shingle buy central reserve soya bean. In southern paddy advocate produce a division, according to every a unit of weight 0.94 yuan price buys medium, late long-grained nonglutinous rice, close temporarily as the country store. In rape advocate produce a division, by every a unit of weight 2.2 yuan price buys rapeseed to the farmer. Market condition is inspected to increase cotton to close in Xinjiang store.

In addition, from next year new food appears on the market case, lowest of every a unit of weight buys white wheat, red wheat, wheat mixture price rises 0.87 yuan respectively, 0.83 yuan, 0.83 yuan, raise 0.1 yuan than parting 2008, 0.11 yuan, 0.11 yuan, raise extent to be respectively 13% , 15.3% , 15.3% . Paddy lowest buys price level to also will be made relatively rise substantially.

An official of national commissariat bureau shows to media, relevant policy before this by hair change appoint, a long time of research of commissariat bureau, Ministry of finance, this choose machine is rolled out, it is market of stability autumn grain, 2 it is to raise a farmer to plant grain enthusiasm.

Do not spend this one policy the influence to grain oil market, the viewpoint of the personage inside course of study has bigger difference however.

From the point of wheaten market, since buying valence to carry out from wheaten lowest, city of wheaten market policy moves apparent, the price also is under governmental adjusting control go up smoothly, close to ensuring farmer increase production is added, stimulative commissariat and agricultural production had positive effect.
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