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Value of market of Jiangsu area corn continues hasten is weak
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Monitor according to the market, value of market of Jiangsu area corn continues hasten is weak.

Northeast of southern Nanjing area produces second-class corn to arrive station price 1770 yuan / ton, drop 40 yuan / or so tons, drop 30 yuan / ton. Jiangsu does not have stannic corn price smooth, corn of northeast of the area that do not have stannum is in to station price 1730-1750 yuan / ton between, feed mill purchases factory price to be in 1800 yuan / ton less than. The enterprise of place that use food and large feed mill are done not have basically new purchase behavior, and at present northeast corn gets in local market the influence of Shandong and Anhui corn price, continue very hard to carry this price. Trade price of corn of Suzhou urban district case 1820 yuan / ton, drop 30 yuan / ton; Changshu rice trade price case 2000 yuan / ton between, too storehouse corn trade price case 1900 yuan / ton, keep balance.

Demand of mid Nantong market continues hasten of fatigued and weak price is weak. Nantong haven boat board the price is in 1750-1760 yuan / ton, feed mill of place is in 1780 yuan into factory price / ton. At present Central Plains new corn of place arrives the amount is not large, market retail price is in 1700 yuan / or so tons; Corn of enterprise of Nantong purchase and sale buys the price 1830 yuan / ton, price of delivery of cargo from storage 1870 yuan / ton, keep balance.

North produces even northeast of cloud harbor area medium corn trade price case 1830 yuan / ton, keep balance; The Huaihe River brings ripples water district 3 class new corn buys the price 1660 yuan / ton, go up raise 10 yuan / ton; Jiangsu Xuzhou is mid this landed new corn buys the price 1580 yuan / ton, drop 20 yuan / ton; 2 class new corn buys Su Qian the price 1600 yuan / ton, price of delivery of cargo from storage 1660 yuan / ton; New corn of new short for the Yihe River of Xuzhou the eastpart part appears on the market in great quantities the price drops. Market of landed new corn is bought on average it is every tons 1460 yuan / ton, than the Chen Yu at the beginning of the month rice drops 120 yuan / ton, individual food broker comes to buy 1400 yuan / ton, individual and high grade breed slightly tall 30 yuan / ton, the corn price that large family of pasturage breed aquatics buys 1500 yuan / ton, local trade business and the price that feed machines an enterprise to buy are 1520 yuan / ton. New corn waits to buy the price in Su Qian 1600 yuan / ton, price of delivery of cargo from storage 1660 yuan / ton, keep balance basically.
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