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Situation of 08-09 year corn analyses meeting summary
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Analysis of situation of market of rice of the corn of 08/09 year Jilin that by Jilin society of province commissariat economy sponsors, paddy is met win at be in edifice of Changchun auspicious grain yesterday hold, attend personnel to be provincial the personage inside bureau of commissariat of each city, county and relevant course of study, add up to more than 30, the situation does the market that is aimed at 2008/2009 year corn and paddy rice to be discussed in order to analyse, do following summary with respect to corn part now.

From inside analysing can medium each respect, can sum up a the following, as Qiu Yu rice appear on the market gradually and of autumn harvest finish basically, domestic bumper harvest already was become this year finality, although corn sows an area to be decreased slightly this year, but per unit area yield rises considerably, total output should be OK reach national grain oily center forecast 156 million tons. As to demand side view differ, empty view has Liduoli, but interest empty factor and viewpoint still take the main aspect, but have a point of view everybody agrees basically, the corn market trend that is 08-09 year then will have policy dominant, policy city will be future a year of market of our country corn thematic.

Introduce benefit empty element above all: Assistant director of institute of Jilin commissariat hall Mr. Wang Mei thinks, from supply on look, countrywide corn bumper crop already was become this year finality, jilin predicts 42 billion jins to produce corn, plan 21 million tons, commodity provisions achieves 18 million tons, apparent prep above last year; Demand side, as 7 years the government makes halt project of fuel alcohol start working, the whole nation 4 enterprises such as remnant Jilin produce alcohol gas, amount of industrial demand corn is added fast will put delay, industry of predicting 08-09 year consumes corn 42.7 million tons, add fast it is only 2.9% , under close before the growth rate of 10% ; Additionally 8 years corn exit stops basically, the feed business demand that takes corn to consume 60% above is depressed, heibei, the go into operation of deep treatment company such as Shandong leads inadequacy, before global banking crisis, face the factor such as capital difficulty, company structure is faced with reshuffle, the feed business such as China north replaces corn to produce a phenomenon to still will continue with wheat because of the element such as the price, accordingly to hind situation corn keeps balance low take a view.

And the Li Yanbing of China food web thinks, this the evil consequence of global banking crisis is in China to be being shown, as the influence that crude oil steeps fall and the stock market fluctuates, dweller consumption will put delay, because this drives the slow down in demand of aquaculture and feed business, and more important is the hope that this the crisis gives the market cause great impact, the market panic that cause nots allow to ignore, now of merchandise on hand of corn of China north area dropping continuously is an example. Analyst Qu Xiaofeng thinks, the corn per unit area yield this year raises 16000 jins of every hectare, and the expectation cost that the farmer raises pair of prices as what grow cost is high also, the grain psychology price of natural moisture is in 0.55-0.60 yuan every jins, hind no matter city is to produce an area to still sell an area to suffer governmental on sale to affect the price the meeting is relatively smooth, the opportunity is not very much, but be in before New Year farming before issueing loan to allot, buy can have certain profit, think the market will be very stable below governmental dominant 9 years.
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