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Corn rises and fall prices of dominant of policy of pace wheat follow
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Just somewhat the commodity market of get warm again after a cold spell suffers again yesterday inflict heavy losses on, corn brunt agreement 0905 also failed yesterday escape by sheer luck, closing quotation signs up for 1654 yuan / ton, drop 20 yuan / ton, drop 1.19% . Corn all the time since commercialize the grain crop with very high rate namely, but policy will become its price to walk along the vane of situation henceforth. Market personage thinks, the follow of wheat of corn general pace, market price case forms mechanism and name a person for a particular job of wave motion spy to produce major change, evermore, corn prices will evolve for policy city.

Clue of city of corn peep policy

The near future, national hair changes appoint came on stage again strong farming, benefit farming measure, announce northeastern region presses 1.5 yuan / kilogram the price executes a country to close temporarily store. Recently, " daily economy news " the reporter learns from corn net, country this second close temporarily store the amount is 5 million tons, among them Jilin saves 1.8 million tons, lowest buys valence to be GB second-class corn 1.5 yuan / kilogram; Heilongjiang 1.3 million tons, lowest buys valence to be GB second-class corn 1.48 yuan / kilogram; Liaoning 900 thousand tons, inner Mongolia 1 million tons, lowest buys valence to all be GB second-class corn 1.52 yuan / kilogram.

The country closes temporarily store rose to hold city action in the palm at present, close store many provisions source will master after finishing, the country will be used henceforth auction and receive Chu Lun to change pair of corn prices to undertake intervention.

Since this year, the country came on stage greatly small a series of policy, the corn market value that the purpose is adjusting control home goes situation, these policy sex measure include: The exit drawback of corn and milling is adjusted, auction of Chu Yu rice, northeastern auction lays in the country temporarily corn is waited a moment, and look now had obtained apparent effect.

Analytic personage thinks, close temporarily store it is a country the one part of policy of a series of macroscopical adjusting control, the market anticipates the follow of wheat of corn general pace generally, market wave motion will say to calculate by the market no longer, corn prices will appear typical policy city feature later. The price of the country that asks city to buy the price and auction reserve corn will be the critical influencing factor of value of prospective corn market.
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