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Scheme appears become loose to drop even corn stanch situation
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A week market sums up:

This Zhou Lianyu rice is low leave tall, lowest 1600, highest 1697, clinch a deal the quantity increases apparently, but hold a storehouse to continue to decrease, rise kinetic energy is insufficient still; Other agriculture products rebounds anticipate make congenial capital brief after concussion in succession evacuate. CBOT corn is basic the face slants empty, continue to glide, drop nevertheless sign is clear hasten delay, reveal rebound evidence, according to current condition, at present can qualitative drop to exceed rebound, height may be not tall.

Express 1 international expression of corn of main option market

Breed open quotation is highest lowermost closing quotation goes up drop hold a storehouse to change

12 405 428.4 371 400.6 -1.861832 -31889 of CBOT beautiful corn

416.3 440.2 383.2 413.3 -1.618662 -20765 of American corn index

DCEC0905 1605 1697 1602 1672 3.146206 -125424

1603 1694 1600 1671 3.0845157 -165522 of DCE corn index

Corn spot price is small go low, buy valence prep above last year the corresponding period. Spot price continues small glide, from the watch 2 can see, haven price goes weak somewhat, dalian reduces 10 yuan / ton, south goes force is weaker, next amplitude modulation are 30 yuan / ton, the amplitude modulation below southwest is bigger, with this area new food appears on the market in succession about. New this year food buys price general prep above last year, the loose primary responsibility that surpass force amounts to company plant door to buy quoted price every tons of 1212 yuan, moisture content 30% , prep above last year the corresponding period 72 yuan; Changchun becomes door of plant of company second-class corn to quote greatly 1350 yuan, third class 1340 yuan, moisture content 14% , all prep above last year 50 of the corresponding period yuan; In grain biochemistry (princess mountain) company and door of plant of company of Huang Long food buy quoted price 1400 yuan, moisture content 14% , all prep above last year 100 of the corresponding period yuan; Yuan Chengsheng of bright and beautiful city changes company plant door to buy quote 154 yuan, compared to the same period 20 yuan tall. Nevertheless, at present much still has Chen Liang in enterprise hand, spot price of predicting near future will still carry exhausted weak state, but drop the space is not large.
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