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Northeast corn market buys a situation preliminary look into
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As we have learned, up to now, the results of new corn of northeast and most area has ended. As a result of,do not pass air temperature of near future place still taller, still go against new food on aspic threshings, because this whole appears on the market,measure not quite. Be about to enter as this week nevertheless " Frost's descent " solar term, add atmosphere department forecast to say, henceforth inside a few days, northeast part area will appear snowfall, will be helpful for corn threshing, this adumbrative also northeast this year new corn appears on the market truly the height arrives in the future namely, add the policy that ask city to make profit good impact to the market, because after this city is northeast,corn buys a state to be worth to pay close attention to.

One of, with all possible means the element is affected jointly, price of northeast farmer corn expects to be worth still taller. From 2007 since of new food buy a circumstance to look, the state of mind of carry out grain of the farmer and means of carry out grain had been changed somewhat, to state of mind of grain of farmer carry out, means already was changed thoroughly this year. As we have learned, although new this year corn drives balance price general prep above last year, but 3 provinces already reaped northeast ending farmer begins to build corn warehouse child precipitation, had made the preparation that stores for a long time. Northeast region in former years should buy main body into city only right now, the farmer prepares carry out food actively, but, buy main body to had entered town in succession partly so far this year, but buy the job to spread out hard tardy however, this also is the phenomenon that afterwards buys main body to not be willing to see again since last year, this shows farmer is right corn price expects to be worth this year still taller. Mound to be newly with Liaoning exemple, local food business is in early the first ten days of a month will sign up for in October give 1300 yuan / ton, the higher price of 25% has moisture content buy, but in the time that is as long as 10 days, buy gross to be not worth 100 tons. Cause the main reason of this kind of state to depend on: Above all, produced data price to go up considerably in the round last year raise, cultivate cost to rise apparently; Next, with northeast of the year before last year area corn price all appeared last year instead seasonal rise, the farmer is anxious to sell time to shift to an earlier date this year, may be in an unfavorable situation somewhat in price respect; Again, after Liaoning saves earthnut to appear on the market, farmer sells grain to cover now more active, because this is current,not be eager to selling corn. And other defeat falls considerably at the beginning of the soja price of two provinces appears on the market oneself, because this places the hope Yu Yu rice. Finally, northeast corn holds municipal plan in the palm to come on stage, the value is overter promotion.
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