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Inventory levels corn prices in China decline
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As of November 10th the week, corn prices in China, the State Reserve auction implied inventory levels. Integrated Media November 10, as of Wednesday, the week, the main crop producing areas of China, corn prices rose slightly, to convey that the Government inventory levels remain low signal. Jilin Province, 1,580 yuan per ton price of corn is about over a week ago, up about 20 million. However, Jiamusi City, Heilongjiang Province, maize prices in the 1,360-1,500 yuan per ton, roughly flat with last week. This week the National Corn auction to reduce substantially the number, suggesting that the government maize stocks goods low. Government officials said earlier that the level of strong domestic grain stocks, but analysts have long questioned whether large-scale auction of a few months since the stock has been consumed. Corn is usually held twice a week, the government auction, auction central reserve to influence market supply and crop prices, while the other one is the inter-provincial transfer library auction.