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Zhao Zhouxian villagers even help people recover the cost of collecting corn har
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"Never thought that just opened back to the autumn corn harvester was no 'free', the collection of corn for the villagers, to recover the car has allowed the cost of Men." Smiling Zhaozhou Xian Xing urban farmer welfare keep it pointed to the presence of the country park homes harvester, said excitedly. After just received corn, ready to smear and maintenance keep the country before harvesting machine, the villagers surrounded them. "Keep it, the machine earned a fall down no less, right?" "Why, you see his Gaoxing Jin!" All you made him a word. State Code 36-year-old was talking about buying corn harvester, also gone through quite a series of setbacks and courage. Zhaozhou Xian Xing town is the main maize producing areas of the north, and everyone kind of corn for a living. In recent years the application of new varieties with the farmers and the scientific field management, corn production, "Zizi" upward "lift up", along with corn prices, household life's gusto. Now every harvest, rural a "shortage of workers", many farmers eyeing mechanical harvesters. Past two years, neighboring village farmers to open back five or six units of corn harvesting machines, the collection of household Arranging appointments, but many harvesters often because of the quality of "lying nest." Brains active in the country keep it niche, "channeling get" Xingcheng Village Farmers Fanxue Kui, Yan founding raised 22 million for purchase, the election Han brands and machines become Sa farmers heart disease, know how to machine repair the country keep it and the companion use of slack-go market to find information, and ultimately selected, "Great Northern Wilderness" brand self-propelled harvester. They worry that no one has used this local harvesters, manufacturers decided to field view of the assembly-line factory assembly plant and strict production quality standards, let them off a hanging in the heart of the land, payment to mention cars. When this guy entered the village at National Taiwan University, the whole village attracted onlookers. Motorcycle repair skills to understand the national defensive use of a few days before and the companion full maintenance. To the harvest season, the welfare of farmers Yang Fusheng village became their first customer, when the harvester moved into the ground, the scene "Pa eye" What you'll notice the edge of a farm village stood, less than half a day to harvest a Shang completed After closing the crops to smooth, the ground did not fall out of ear and grain, picking the skin clean. Farmers do not harvest first to book car. From late September until the end of the end of 10, work non-stop harvesting machines black and white. Complete the operation area of 420 Shang land. "This is simply equal to the rich buy a machine, although four double shift down, so break one prodigiously machine, some is pretty tired, bitter point of value", the farmers Fan Xuekui said with a smile. Keep it in the next, and Yan founding of the country are busy afterwards, "not white busy this autumn, just rough calculations about the total income has reached 25 million, equal to the earned income of a corn." Has many years of driving experience in the locomotive driver Zhang told reporters in the next, I started so many years of corn received, and compared to the same type of corn received, it is not only a good line of sight cab, spacious and machine performance than similar products, but also against "create." Keep it tasted the sweetness of the country, "ambition" said briskly, next year we established Colombian Agricultural Co-operative Society Sa ready to raise funds to purchase two to three sets again, "Great Northern Wilderness" corn harvester, for a big, make it beautiful will help to get rich machine, serve more farmers.