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Glutinous corn Korea goes
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Recently, the president of Zheng peaceful flourish of firm of trade of Korea boiler hill comes to Zhao Quan battalion, be interested in corn of glutinous of boreal doctor color very much, the order that signed 96 tons and next year 660 tons exit intent, already transferred Korea at present 50 tons of corn, make its entered Korean table. Arrange whole camp of justice area Zhao to press down factory of boreal doctor food to feed chromatic glutinous corn in order to produce treatment delicacy to give priority to, specialize in violet sweet glutinous one date, medium glutinous glutinous of division of one date, Beijing 2000 wait for characteristic breed. These products are current corn familial in rare sanitarian breed, be known as the gold food of 21 centuries, have the distinctive grade with other trashy corn, collect color, sweet, flavour, stick at a suit, nutrient value prep above is common the 5-10 of corn times, more accord with current dietetics what the home advocates is natural, thick the dietary concept that feed, and get the welcome of consumer.

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