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The European Union rises 22 days to Thailand sweet corn is collected oppose dump
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Peaceful " world daily " report: Lid of style of Thailand trade minister says, the European Union already will rise on June 22 through resolution, formal to Thailand sweet corn is collected oppose dumping tax. Peaceful trade department and Thailand snack are tasted consortium and sweet the person that corn exports job is talking things over seek settle way. Hall of foreign trade of peaceful trade department already made progress via paying close attention to a thing closely, preparation adopts WTO approach, negotiate with the European Union.
2006, thailand is sweet corn takes whole Europe market 10 % , about 36 thousand tons, total value is an ancient unit of weight of 1.215 billion peaceful. Export volume was 42 thousand tons 2005, total value an ancient unit of weight of 1.345 billion peaceful.
Additional, case lid says, because the pineapple of Thailand exit is potted quality is not high, will raise pineapple can to export standard byelaw. At the same time hope snack tastes consortium to supervise and urge the member pays attention to quality.

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