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Anyang makes rich corn of standing grain glutinous places Korea table
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The corn of 100 thousand glutinous that Anyang makes rich standing grain produce develops a center to produce is marvellous, deliver goods according to the contract that signs with Korea travelling merchant, bleach ocean to cross the sea, carry is gone to Korea. In the meantime, korea travelling merchant ordered club of corn of 1 million glutinous again, 400 tons of any of several hot spice plants of 250 tons of ox horn and 100 tons of red jujubes, strawberry.
Center of standing grain of the abundant that install this world is to install bureau of agriculture of in relief county to raise fund millions yuan build the company of a bibcock that have, main development is sweet corn, the characteristic produce such as glutinous corn, strawberry, carrot.
Center of abundant standing grain establishs the mechanism that has to execute agricultural industrialization to manage oneself, with " service 3 farming " for the tenet, with science and technology innovation and science management are motivation, dimensions expands ceaselessly. Last year, with China farming division courtyard cooperates, introduced sweet odd 8 corn; With the province farming division courtyard cooperates, introduce Zheng Bai glutinous, Zheng Hei glutinous to wait for glutinous corn breed, replace the common variety that place grows. Center of abundant standing grain plans newly this year to build base of 10 thousand mus of organic produce, machine 50 tons of cole and shepherd's purse of 50 tons of Ji, 3 total eclipse taste supply Zhengzhou company; Machine 380 tons of strawberry and 120 tons of Huang Xing, furnish respectively limited company of imports and exports of Heibei China embellish and trading company of Baoding goods and materials; Treatment corn of glutinous of 1.5 million spic mixes 380 tons sweet corn bead, furnish respectively company of Shandong Yantai Dong Lai food and company of food of Shandong Lai Yang Taikang; Machine 100 tons of green cauliflower and ball of 100 tons of yam, supply Baoding limited company of bright flower food, economic benefits predicts to be many yuan 850, can drive many 5000 farmer to take off deficient to become rich.

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