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Shanxi saves corn of 100 tons of glutinous to export Korea
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Shanxi saves the corn of glutinous of 100 tons of quick-freeze that limited company of first food of garden of You Dingxiang hillside plot produces, course farming incomplete, microbial, turn of the project such as gene detect and the risk is evaluated, examine after quarantine is eligible, export Korea smoothly.

Nearly two years, agriculture of Shanxi province characteristic and farming exit of the extroversion such as industry of animal produce treatment product obtains major breakthrough. Before 8 months, exit of Shanxi province produce is achieved collect amount to 110 million dollar, grow 20% compared to the same period. Among them forehead of exit of annual of asparagus of traditional superior goods, walnutmeat parts to be mixed for 66.34 million dollar 10.61 million dollar, grow compared to the same period 44% with 23% . In the meantime, the development of industry of traditional advantage agriculture, drove 100 much countries and obtain employment of town population implementation, achieve directly for the farmer receive more than 1 billion yuan, become drive Shanxi to save the economic progress, principal property that increases farmer income.

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