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China is sweet glutinous corn is popular Korea
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Just inspected the Zhao Jiuran of director of research center of corn of Beijing aricultural academy of sciences that come back to introduce Beijing division glutinous to the reporter from Korea marketCorn breedIn the state with Korea welcome market. He says, feel through making an on-the-spot investigation glutinous corn is in Korea market prospect is capacious. On street face, can see delicacy feeds corn to be placed on stall everywhere, korean also very be fond of corn eating glutinous, no matter boil, still is those who bake they special love, and major glutinous corn is Beijing division glutinous 2000, corn of one spic glutinous sells 1000 Han yuan, be equivalent to a RMB 89 yuan. What Korea this locality plants is little, people basically is delicacy is fed, and grow only in Korea home season has supply, other time extremely be short of.

Chinese treatment company will machine good glutinous ear of corn to sell business of Korea supply and marketing, fill of Korea market vacant. In long-term commerce contact, korea market agrees with Beijing division glutinous generally this 2000 breed, some Korea agency call-over should enter Beijing division glutinous 2000. This breed was in 2003 Korea plant experimentally, 2005 by Korea authorized for national breed. After breed of Beijing division glutinous is introduced by Korea, planted amount is very few, cost tall, people likes edible extremely again, korea mainland production cannot satisfy market demand far. Below the state that demand exceeds supply, korea begins to be imported from China in great quantities. So far, chinese exit had 800 crate to Korea 2007, a crate is 80000 spic, in all 64 million spic, breed of Beijing division glutinous occupies 90% above.

Corn is in our country is one grows the crop variety with the widest adaptability, north arrives south Heilongjiang to Hainan, on the west from Xinjiang east cultivate generally to islands of the East China Sea, and Beijing division glutinous is not exceptional also. In market respect, director Zhao Jiuran tells a reporter, send ground produce terminal market newly from Beijing everyday wholesale delicacy of 200 much cars eats corn, beijing division glutinous holds majority share. A lot of farmers are benefited because of growing corn of Beijing division glutinous, village of river of coloured glaze of Beijing Fang Shan area has one farmer to call Han Fengling, relied on to run in the past carry burnt mouth, come home later kind of corn. Plant at the beginning corn often be out of pocket, hit oneself planted after Beijing division glutinous, not only can earn money, and still compare a year many one year, this gave him the great enthusiasm of cultivate land. He still uses new method when cultivating Beijing division glutinous, one stubble replant two stubble. Ground film is covered on the first stubble, in advance appears on the market, market of race to control first machine; Make the 2nd stubble late appear on the market, arrived by October at the beginning of November, corn still is growing in the ground. Suffer aspic to avoid ear of corn, he still covers each ear of corn on polybag, corn stalk has become yellow, but ear of corn still is growing form a vesicle, leaf is hit by frost, fruit spic still is growing. Thoroughbred deserve to go up fine law, han Fengling obtains big bumper harvest this year, he was planted glutinous of division of many mus of 2000 Beijing, net income amounts to many yuan 100.
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