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The international market of glutinous corn
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Expert analysis, the developed country waits in America, Europe, delicacy feeds corn to be regarded as a kind of vegetable crop, already became get food of consumer gay vogue. Current, american average per capita year consumption is in 10 kilograms of above. In recent years, the delicacy of a few countries feeds Korea, Japan and southeast Asia corn already also gained ground, delicacy feeds corn industry already was line of business of afterwards corn feed and corn after deep treatment industry, have the burgeoning corn industry of greater progress foreground.

The reporter understands, the delicacy that at present our country cultivates eats corn with sweet He Sunyu rice gives priority to corn, glutinous corn. The course develops for years, the delicacy of our country feeds corn breeding unit to already had nearly 60, countrywide delicacy feeds corn to cultivate an area to already also increased 30 much hectare, basically distributing in area of Pearl River delta, among them the 1/3 that the delicacy that Guangdong saves feeds corn to cultivate an area to take the throughout the country about.

Information of 100 million cereal seeks advice from Dalian analysis of chief analyst Feng Lichen says limited company, as standard of living rise, as increase a kind of nutrition, fashionable provision that adjusts taste, delicacy feeds what corn is getting compatriots stage by stage to approbate, the wine that is raw material with glutinous corn kind, Peng changes provision, with sweet the food such as the can that corn is raw material, preserved fruit, beverage, market demand is in step up, demand breach also is shown increasingly.

The expert thinks, our country population is numerous, feed the standardization that corn industry grows as further progress of economy and delicacy, add what the society popularizes strength to increase, the demand that delicacy eats corn is in in the near future mushroom, development prospect is better.

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