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Corn exit policy is adjusted will bring 4 big impacts to the market
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Beijing of information of Xinhua News Agency on April 4 report (reporter Qin Xiaoyu) Jiang Jianhua of vise general manager of limited company of Jilin food group thinks, after our country corn exports policy to adjust, gross of countrywide corn exit predicts this year will cut it is 4 million tons, this will bring 4 outstanding issues to domestic corn market.

It is " cannot sell " and " buy do not wear " concomitant strange phenomenon. After corn exports policy to adjust, appeared foreign food business is eager to begging buy Chinese corn, and the phenomenon that domestic corn exporter also is eager to exporting corn outwards. Additional, the country is macroscopical adjusting control lag, produce and sale joins be out of line, commissariat is current not free, can bring about corn to demand exceeds supply to coexist in domestic different area with supply exceeds demand.

2 it is domestic corn market competition is more intense. Restrict what corn exports policy to come on stage, will bring about the corn that there are 10 million tons or so this year to want to be digested in home market. South sells the market share with finite area, be sure to bring about inside occasion of competition of trade business cruelty. In the meantime, inside the increase sharply of trade provisions source, will hit approach value of domestic corn market, export prices of pair of the trade inside corn pull a movement to use apparently will abate.

3 it is to delay progress of internationalization of our country commissariat. Grain of auspicious of past have the aid of, medium two corn export food the window, widened the international market portion of our country corn, established the channel that business of big food of domestic food company and international cooperates, came true with the international market preliminary conform, our country had more and more important right to speak and price right on international corn market. And after limitative corn is exported, the acute that exports a quantity decreases the acute that causes market share inevitably, the international collaboration relationship that establishs through the innumerable trials and hardships will be broken by merciless behead, the significant gain of development international market all one's previous efforts wasted, then process of internationalization of commissariat of sluggish delay our country. The circumstance that dangers is lost to fall in share of international grain market, the cost that place of international market of new race to control should pay and cost can be imagined.

4 it is corn economy value cannot the biggest change, likelihood once more keep long in stock. The government limits corn export, seal the international market dead almost, activation and adjust what export pair of domestic corn markets functional general greatly abate, domestic corn market will become devoid opportunity of survival and vigor, the economic value of corn gets utmost ground is released impossibly. In the meantime, our country begins to increase to agriculture give aid to strength, in the near future inside corn will be likely considerably increase production, close difficult, store it is difficult, difficult to sell wait for a problem to may reemerge.
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