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What commissariat trade policy sways corn encounters exit is painful
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2004, corn export business is in all the time depressed in spend. Exporter of a corn complains to the reporter say: "National corn exports policy to often change, the competitor that allows a foreign country got chance. Say suddenly to be not exported e.g. our country corn did not go out. American corn price rises immediately, sell several months. And when we prepare to export corn, had not gone out, give off wind to say we plan how much how to much give first again, after others hears of, sell corn almost, come down price pressing again immediately, we very difficult reexport. We very difficult reexport..

Of this exporter complain come from 2004 country of the beginning of the year halted corn export, make their international market share that a few years Lai Xinxin gains hard is loosened to be taken away loosely gently by the competitor. Although restored exit later, but when be late already. In the meantime, domestic corn exporter already got damage in the credit of the international market, reckon the export volume of annual corn was less than 2004 1/5 2003.

Analytic personage points out, this kind of phenomenon actually not only in trade of consist in corn. Long-term since, our country is out of line with respect to trade of existence inside and outside on commissariat commerce, policy lag and commissariat produce as converse as imports and exports operation to wait for a problem. Nowadays, as join World Trade Organization 3 years the end of protective period, how should make full use of to commissariat of effective adjusting control produces oneself advantage and be imported, make sure commissariat is safe, reduce national burden, achieve the biggest beneficial result for the country? The obverse side of relevant government sector that the palm controls grain oil production and policy of imports and exports is facing test.

Policy adjusting control is adverse corn exports be thwarted

Korea and Japan are the world's main corn entrance country, basically import from the United States and our country. Compare with American corn photograph, the corn of our country turns to be not gene corn, carry a distance with Korea, Japan at the same time recently, add cheap of qualitative actor price, welcome by travelling merchant of Han, day. At present corn already became our country only the grain crop breed of a large amount of exit.

But at the same time, corn exit gets policy the influence is fluctuant and frequent. It is the country is appointed above all can by in two monopoly that the company has corn is exported run grain and auspicious food. Next, still undertake in different period policy intervenes. But of policy fluctuant make again corn imports and exports assumes converse operation, farther aggravate inventory pressure.

Countrywide food web seeks advice from Fu Tiexin of career department manager to tell a reporter a group of such numbers: 1995, 1996, corn crop grows 12.8 % , 13.8 % respectively, only import still achieves 5.124 million tons to mix 168 thousand tons however, cause inventory to buy a quantity to increase 5 million tons to mix 10 million tons completely. 1997, corn crop falls 18.2 % , export 6.723 million tons completely however, inventory puts in a quantity to increase 15 million tons completely. Since 1998, crop of our country corn has add have decrease, be in only outlet position all the time however, basically be by came 1995 1997 the converse operation be caused by of imports and exports and production.
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