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Small glutinous corn draws large order
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Xinjiang news network electric “ often will feed Urumqi on September 3 glutinous corn, prevent disease to protect healthy ” . A pure and fresh green handwriting is enchased in make elegant Ba Chu on glutinous corn box, the little glutinous corn in the item on display of full of beautiful things in eyes, draw a lot of travelling merchant contend for order.

Current Wu Qia is met, limited company of agriculture of ecology of river of diversiform-leaved poplar of Ba Chu county rolls out ” of ear of corn of bright glutinous of affection of diversiform-leaved poplar of new product “ , this product is vacuum-packed, glittering and translucent get rid of appears seed bead, the belt in mouthfeel glutinous is sweet, collect glutinous, sweet, bright, sweet, soft at a suit, those who accompany people living standard is ceaseless rise, the market demand of glutinous corn expands ceaselessly. Current Wu Qia has ten companies to want to book on 10 thousand tons glutinous corn on the meeting, this company foundation this year of corn of glutinous of the 2nd stubble grow an area, make choice of 5 among them companies signed second half of the year contract of supply and marketing of corn of 1000 tons of glutinous.

Assay of classics of character of bead of this breed bright seed is analysed, protein is 9.89% , amino acid content is free 0.211% , lysine content is 0.86% , lubricious ammonia acid content is 0.2% , solubility sugar content is 11.85% , acid content of the lysine of this breed, lubricious ammonia all head the list. Can aid at digesting, hurried is absorbed, prevent the happening of alvine path disease, diabetic, coronary heart disease, often the effect that edible has a prolong life

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