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Old chew delicacy eats corn popular and abroad
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At present arrived again the season that delicacy feeds corn to sow, provision of Tianjin city green cropland is limitedCompanyReceived the big batch delicacy that comes from Korea and country of a few southeast Asia to feed order of gray jade rice, they guide a farmer actively to cultivate new breed, organize technical personnel to coach farmer has production, in order to ensure green this year corn is qualitative valence two actor. Limited company of food of Tianjin city green cropland relies on old chew to press down this one whole city's biggest delicacy to feed corn base, activeDevelopmentDelicacy feeds corn to process export business, delicacy of 20 million spic fed exit Korea last year corn, because the market has been mirrorred, get not only the favour of Korea travelling merchant, the travelling merchant of a few Japan and southeast Asia country also negotiates with green field company in succession business. This companyDeploya pot for steaming food of sterilization of two high temperature and refrigerant last library, made sure delicacy feeds corn product to accord with international standard completely. The delicacy that passes treatment eats corn 0.9-1.3 of every spic price yuan, than without treatmentThe priceTower above double above, exit delicacy fed corn sale to amount to more than yuan 2000 last year. This year, this company sends technical personnel to feed corn to grow a technology to nonlocal study delicacy, do to farmer groom class, help farmer has production better. In the meantime, they still are introducedHigh grade
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