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China is refrigerant sweet the export volume of corn rises considerably
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Since 21 centuries begin, till apace is marched toward last year (2007) since, china is refrigerant sweet the exit amount of corn is increasing substantially, present a tremendous growth potential.

In 2007, china is refrigerant sweet the exit gross of corn, had achieved 32 525 ton; Than its the exit gross 24 210 2006 ton, increase 34 % .

And last year, the export value of this kind of afore-mentioned products, grow morely even, achieved 1 420 10 thousand dollars; Than 2006 the export value of 9.7 million dollar, increased 46 % .

But, when 2000, chinese exit is refrigerant sweet the amount of corn, gross ability has 140 tons only, export value is 177 330 dollar only.

2000---During 2007, main export market of China experienced major change.

In the past, china is refrigerant sweet the main export market of corn, just sell past Japan all the time just.

And current, korea has become China however refrigerant sweet corn the consumptive country with this kind of the biggest product; The entrance gross of Korea, had occupied the 75 % that exports gross to China actually.

Arrived 2007, china is exported to Korea refrigerant sweet the amount of corn, had achieved 24 550 ton, than the exit 2006 gross increases 22 % ; Exporting value is 850 dollars, and the export value when 2006 is 6.5 million dollar.

The most powerful growth momentum

Of China refrigerant sweet corn, besides basically export to Korea beyond (the 75 % that occupies exit gross) , the 25 % product of the others, china is sold toward 53 other countries and area.

Hong Kong (special zone) , it is Chinese inland the 2nd big refrigerant sweet the main spending market of corn, the gross of the entrance amounts to 1 335 ton, occupy the 4 % that exports gross; Value is 967 750 dollar.

Last year (2007) refrigerant sweet the commerce gross of corn, appeared the rapiddest growth (besides Canada) . On amount and value, increased than going up one year of 7 times.

And market of other southeast Asia, also had become the exit state that China gains profit.

2007, what Australia imports from China is refrigerant sweet jade, increase an amount very remarkable, amount to 840 tons in all, than the entrance 2006 gross increased 5 times fully; Value amounts to 617 700 dollar, increase 698 % compared to the same period.

With before a certain number of year comparative, japan has made the market with afore-mentioned Chinese very small products nowadays, the entrance shows gliding trend.

2007, japan is imported from China refrigerant sweet the amount of corn, acute is decreased have 710 tons only, 960 tons when import than 2006, drop 25 % ; Value is 782 910 dollar, little the 1.05 million dollar 2006.

However, in 2007, china still was developed a few otherer small export market, especially those are 2 years ago, had not imported from China refrigerant sweet a few markets that corn records.
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