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Smooth hill farmer is planted glutinous corn is sent " big fortune "
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All along radius of low, sale is not worth commissariat benefit the area of remote mountains of smooth hill county of a hunderd li, the green glutinous corn that yields nowadays should sell past Korea. Come day after day, farmer people busy move is collected close. Cultivate a Zhang Shuntang to say gladly: "2 mus of ground of my home, kind one season makes 4000 money, 1 year two season are 8000, of our hair is ' big fortune ' ah! "

A variety of microelement that glutinous corn contains a lot ofhuman body place to need, be known as " sanitarian gold food " , accept people favour fully. Smooth hill is a mountainous area large county, climate qualification is unique, suit to grow glutinous corn. Nearly two years, this county firm catchs agricultural structural adjustment, popularize early or late cultivated the walnut, characteristic agriculture such as China peaches offered as a birthday present. Make an on-the-spot investigation with all possible means again this year, argumentation, , give aid to limited company of food of Shijiazhuang Bai Sheng built base of green glutinous corn, make a mountainous area farmer add receive new window.

This year, this enterprise from China farming division courtyard is introduced " Yan He gold 2000 " glutinous corn new breed, in north the smelt metal countryside, town that make the same score hill undertakes plant experimentally, use " farmer of + of company + base " development mode, execute order production, agreement to buy, the manufacturing data such as film of seed, fertilizer, ground is offerred by the company completely. In the meantime, bureau of office of food of green of smooth hill county, farming herd expedites professional technology personnel to arrive field edge of a field, whole journey dogs service government, ensured the green environmental protection that produces a course.

"Income broke up more than two times, next year I vacate more ground to plant even. " villager of level ground of arhat of countryside of boreal smelt metal comes high child calculated brushstroke Zhang to the reporter: The village is hillside ground more, plant only for the most part one season corn, mu net income is controlled 650 yuan; And glutinous corn is in a mountainous area survival rate tall, the way corp is growing is good, every mus plant 3500 trunk of a tree, results working procedure is simple, farmer does not need to decorticate to its, threshing, can sell in field edge of a field, press grade agreement price to buy, every spic maximum price 0.6 yuan, plant every year two season, mu income can amount to 3000 yuan.

Glutinous corn is cultivated in a mountainous area success, changed a lot of farmers " cultivate land does not earn money " and the idea of cropland of responsibility of put down barren, more let cultivate door glad is, its by-product green straw also became smooth hill county to breed door popular commodities, 1 mu of ground can sell 90 yuan, achieved economy and zoology beneficial result truly " double bumper harvest " .
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