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Philippine will export 10 thousand tons of corn to Korea
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Philippine will export 10 thousand tons of corn to Korea November, this will be corn of exit of the first time on Philippine history, supply because of domestic corn temporarily enough. This batch of corn export the price to be dollar of every tons of 330-350 surely, be equivalent to every kilograms 16 than all alone.

Group of Philippine corn alliance (PMFI) the corn supplier that serves as Korea, had discovered global corn supplies insecurity.

PMFI president Roger Navarro says, because international corn supplies insecurity, korea hopes from us here purchases a few corn. American corn crop is stricken be hit by a natural adversity and serious, and Chinese corn produces area weather drought. Additional, the corn consumption of alcohol industry is driving, loot the corn of food or feed industry is supplied.

Navarro says, corn exit can help the establishment after we improve infrastructure and results, farmer can be planted more corn. Farmer needs to raise corn to cultivate really, we can go up in export market be able to develop one's skill to full.

Korea plans to purchase 300 thousand tons of corn, but lack dry bulk cargo to handled establishment to restrict Philippine exit ability.

Philippine corn farmer still plans to export corn to Taiwan.

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