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Corn rises lack of power the market wait-and-see mood is grumous
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American CBOT corn goes situation comment:

Suffer American Ministry of Agriculture (the relevant reserve that USDA) Zhou Yi announces and corn cultivate what the area reports to last benefit sky is affected, CBOT corn agreement will continue to drop in July, corn period price trades the 2nd times continuously day closes drop, but drop close somewhat narrow; After expectant area and reserve data are announced, per unit area yield becomes the subject matter that next market acclaims likely, want to pay close attention to the weather situation that produces a division undoubtedly, forecast shows, this week center-west region keeps dry more; Short-term grow to crop of greater part area beneficial. The relevant crop that city pays close attention to American Ministry of Agriculture further after grows report.

Domestic corn goes situation comment:

1. Corn spot market is firm in have go up:

Price of northeast corn yield a division keeps stable, deep treatment buys the price to change not quite: In food group biochemistry (Zhao Dong) career ministry 1540 yuan / ton, dragon phoenix group 1540 yuan / ton, jilin Changchun 1590-1620 yuan / ton, jilin fuel alcohol 1580 yuan / ton, company of princess mountain yellow dragon 1580 yuan / ton; Qiqihaer 1520 yuan / ton, harbin 1540 yuan / ton, beautiful Mu Si 1460 yuan / ton, inner Mongolia connects distant 1540 ~ 1560 yuan / ton, shenyang 1620 ~ 1640 yuan / ton; Suffer the stimulation that wheat rises in price and moves on case of fuel oil price, price of the corn that sell a division is relatively strong. Island of emperor of the Qin Dynasty 1660 yuan / ton, shijiazhuang 1630 yuan / ton, go up 10 yuan / ton, han Dan 1620 yuan / ton, go up 10 yuan / ton, shandong Qingdao 1760 yuan / ton, jinan 1720 yuan / ton, heart city 1700 yuan / ton, go up 20 yuan / ton, shanghai 1800 yuan / ton, go up 20 yuan / ton, hangzhou 1770 ~ 1790 yuan / ton, go up 20 yuan / ton, jiangxi Nanchang 1850 yuan / ton, heibei 1840 yuan / ton, chengdu 1840 ~ 1860 yuan / ton, drop 40 ~ 60 yuan / ton, northwest 1780 ~ 1800 yuan / ton, drop 40 yuan / ton, henan Zhengzhou 1720 ~ 1740 yuan / ton, shaanxi 1680 yuan / ton, henan 1760 yuan / ton; Northward haven is high grade corn price is strong; Harbor of bright and beautiful city (love, prices, information) 1680-1690 yuan / ton, dalian harbor 1730-1740 yuan / ton, shekou harbor 1950 ~ 1960 yuan / ton, go up 30 ~ 40 yuan / ton.

City looks into after:

C0901 period go now about situation is relatively smooth, round-the-clock around 5 days concussion all falls on the line, concussion extent is nodded 10 times, amplitude closes somewhat narrow, closing quotation drops effectively defeat 5 days all line, show at the beginning of weak force structure; Open quotation signs up for 1932, highest 1934, lowest 1925, closing quotation at 1927, relatively before one trades day drops at 2 o'clock, drop 0.10% , settle accounts price 1930, clinch a deal 208 thousand hand, hold a storehouse to measure 530 thousand hand; The quantity that maintain a warehouse and clinch a deal quantity relatively go up to trade day drops considerably, have on the technology continue next explore demand; C0905 period about open quotation signs up for now 2030, highest 2035, lowest 2026, closing quotation at 2030, relatively before one trades sun rises at 3 o'clock, go up 0.15% , settle accounts price 2031, clinch a deal 46 thousand hand, hold a storehouse to measure 192 thousand hand; Pay close attention to its strongly to hold a storehouse to measure the change that adds considerably, c905 of the scale that maintain a warehouse: C901 has exceeded 1: 3, brunt begins to have move the act of the storehouse, pay close attention to the opportunity covering interest between agreement.
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