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CBOT corn day will judge on July 2: Cover interest active, weather interest is m
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Beijing De Runlin on July 3 message: On July 2, chicago futures exchange (CBOT) corn market closing quotation rises considerably, go up be close to day to go up drop a limitation, because technical area is driving, cover benefit to solve a lock, next week weather makes a person anxious.

CBOT corn rises 24.5 cent differ to 30 cent, among them agreement will rise in July 29.25 cent, the newspaper receives 748.75 cent / bushel; Agreement will rise in September 28.75 cent, the newspaper receives 761 cent / bushel; Agreement will rise in December 28.5 cent, the newspaper receives 780.5 cent / bushel.

Commodity fund trades the 2nd times continuously day is done in a large-scale much, they bought contract of 13 thousand hand, include remaining part among them dish 5000 hands, the price rose inside very short time at that time 10 cent above.

Pass a Zhou Chu after dropping, corn market will be released on July 1 strong prop up. The low July 1 will be in agreement in December 7.365 dollars. Subsequently every time when grail goes soft, commercial company eats actively into.

Weather forecast makes a person anxious, caused remaining part dish go up situation. Trade business says, weather forecast says corn is cultivated next week take likelihood occurrence heat wave, for this more shallow to take root corn crop breakneck.

An analyst says, without giving thought to how, people worries weather forecast more and more, especially next week later on weather forecast.

MikeTannura of analyst of T-storm weather company points out, next week later on American corn is cultivated the area is likely high temperature is dry, do not live on the high side of edaphic soil moisture content, the likelihood limits the effect that high temperature weather causes.

He says, altogether, the menace of high temperature weather must father add monitoring, need not be anxious too nevertheless.

Early on July 2, the solution covering interest that suffers corn and soja locks up support, corn rises in price. The sowing that week of American Ministry of Agriculture releases area and sky of benefit of quarterly reserve data, bring about Zhou Yihe corn market will drop on July 1, and soja rises in price, this brings about both price difference to pull big.

The analyst says, lock of the solution that cover interest trades early Pan Fei constant active, and later on the crucial factor that weather becomes or so price.

The analyst predicts December the strong support of agreement in 7.4 dollars.

The market will be handed in on July 3 cast may special discretion, will rest at Zhouwu because of American market city, congratulatory country red-letter day. Nevertheless the analyst says, if weather forecast says American corn is cultivated next week,take will appear heat wave, so on July 3 market admiral emerge in large numbers more buying dish.
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