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CBOT corn futures trades the 7th times continuously day of innovation is tall, s
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Lu Touzhi adds elder brother on June 13 report---Chicago futures exchange (CBOT) corn (1914, - 2, - 0.10% , ) futures Zhouwu trades the 7th times continuously day of innovation is tall, trade business says, because corn cultivates area core region,strong rainfall and pluvial disaster are reached this year crop.

CBOT-7 month agreement rises 22-3/4 cent, sign up for dollar of every bushel 7.31-3/4, achieve 7.37-1/2 earlier period make an appointment with perch.

Make newly contract will receive a reply in July 2009 7.81-1/2 dollar, touch earlier the corn futures of 7.84-1/2 dollar is exalted, exceed the 7.73-1/2 dollar that Zhou Si achieves.

Damp weather and flood still are opposite American crop constitutes menace this year.

Trade go up drop limitation adjusts a 30 cent by 45 cent.

Commodity fund is bought 8, 000 agreement. Now corn beforehand appraise clinchs a deal the quantity is 431, 975
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