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Corn pressure rebounds as before space finite
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In past a week, billows of spot price of domestic corn market not Jing, corn supply and demand whole are balanced, northward haven price basically maintains south in early days level, corn of second-class standard moisture makes the same score the haven such as northeast area Dalian, bright and beautiful city the price maintains the warehouse in 1690, 1700 yuan / ton, although trafficker shipment apiration is strengthened somewhat, but whole clinchs a deal the amount is not large, take money not much. The mentality that maintains stability and corn demand market to will get as the end of the Olympic Games ameliorative in spot price anticipates below, price of domestic corn option market rebounds continuously, go tall steadily from low of early days price, value of index of corn of big business place already closed dish of price 1737 a little bit to pick up to 1793 bits from the low of early days, rise in price more than a little bit 50. And watch an international market instead, CBOT corn price glides continuously in past a week, follow price of crude oil futures goes weak, take situation ice internal heat with domestic corn double day, walk along tall hasten potential energy to deny to price of corn of domestic option market continue to continue, the author thinks, domestic corn still is facing the pressure that year evening surplus grain appears on the market centrally inside market level, city corn price rebounds after the space is limited, rise in price to still remain time.

International crude price glides continuously price of suppress international corn goes high

Close paragraph of time, price of futures of international crude oil glides continuously, price of corn of direct suppress international market goes high, price of futures of crude oil of follow closely of price of international market corn goes power occurrence fall after a rise. In a week in the past, price of futures of international crude oil is maintained in 115 dollars / the price level of the bucket, its go up frequently to 120 dollars / bucket not after fruit, the price appears strong fast fall after a rise to go situation, price of international market corn follows likewise price of crude oil futures pours fast fall after a rise, price of past a week drops 20 more than cent / bushel. In the meantime, american corn produces improvement of area weather situation and dollar to go strong to also form benefit sky to hit to corn pressure. As American corn corn yield a division grows the advent of last period of time, weather element becomes influence corn price to take the crucial factor of situation, price of international market corn glides in the abidance of past a week is the United States advocate the result that condition of weather of corn yield a division gets ameliorative. Dollar index goes strong to also form pressure to price of international market corn continuously, bring about fund of international market index to withdraw from corn market continuously. In produce futures according to the newest exponential fund that CFTC announces period power market maintains a warehouse in light of the circumstance, end on August 26, exponential fund continues to decrease a storehouse in corn market, much sheet reduces 2237 hands, empty sheet reduces 3008 hands, always hold a storehouse to reduce 168290 hands, fund withdraws evidence from corn market apparent. As international market corn the stability of main area and new year corn grow of the state decide further, price of international market corn will face greater callback pressure, price of home market corn rebounds the space will be dropped by international market price influence, hind city space is limited.
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