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On September 15 - weekly of corn of CBOT of 19 days of United States: Money mark
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End in a week September 19, chicago futures exchange (CBOT) corn market drops considerably, main reason is big shock of American money market, futures of international crude oil steeps fall, gave dish of face to cause drop heavily pressure. Do not spend this week later on crude oil futures rebounds strong, the government announces to help municipal plan, recover of market of this help corn partial lost territory.

The crop weekly that Zhouyi of American Ministry of Agriculture releases shows, end in a week September 15, good rate is corn 61% , with keep balance last week.

The analyst says, american Lei Man's brother goes bankrupt at will announcing application on September 15, united States forest is bought, these elements caused huge impact to global commodity market, make congenial bull make the same score a storehouse in produce market undersell, included corn market among them. Futures of international crude oil steeps fall, also be a burden on corn price.

Additional, american corn produces area weather whole good, special be helpful for late-mature corn crop growing, the help is field and dry. Atmosphere orgnaization still expresses, short-term inside corn produces an area to won't appear Frost's descent is minatory. Global economic situation makes a person anxious, export demand is potential gradually rein in, also gave dish of face to constitute pressure, your bull leaves field wait-and-see.

An analyst says, evidence shows demand is fatigued and weak, this gave dish of face to constitute pressure. The corn exit that Zhou Si publishs sells data to be located in the market to expect the lower end of limits, alcohol demand looks fatigued and weak. The Zhou Du that releases according to American Ministry of Agriculture exports sale report to show, end in a week September 11, american corn exports selling quantity to be three hundred and twenty-five thousand four hundred tons, under photograph comparing, three hundred and seventy-six thousand three hundred tons are before a week.

This analyst says, alcohol produces the bond grade ratio of business VeraSun to drop, explain alcohol begins to become another to be anxious. The predicament of alcohol industry is mirrorred in corn market.

Next week corn market attention still develops a situation to go up in money market centrally. If money market tends,stabilize, so corn market will return to itself main area.

It is option market of past a week takes situation review below:

On September 15, corn market closing quotation drops, the influence that basically is steeped fall by periphery market.

On September 16, corn market closing quotation drops greatly, many agreement fall stop, the reason is sky of economic situation benefit.

On September 17, corn market closing quotation rises considerably, because the technology is bought dish active, bull enters town eagerly.
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