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Market level of corn of near future each district is analysed
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End a Zhou Si, CBOT corn rises considerably, be affected by weather element advocate produce an area to sow incur loss through delay of American corn sow plan to will bring about per unit area yield to drop and crop under anticipate. And trade business is right perch appears to arrange pattern all the time in the doubt that develops alcohol industry energetically. And although domestic period price is in narrow cut concussion but the price on main area is in ceaseless get warm again after a cold spell, spot price is to continue to keep strong rise.
As 509 hind northeast country store fall to spread out stage by stage south grain, supply of goods will show the corn that northeast produces an area to be able to supply the market to glide apparently trend, company of deep treatment of the cent northeast and country store the level of price of pattern place corn of source of library contention food rises, south sells an area to suffer this to prop up the price to rise generally.
Northward haven corn continues to keep strong, and bullish momentum is strong. Because consider the near future arrives the addition of cost reachs follow-up likelihood,the price still can go high, the trafficker inside harbor confrontations psychology of carry out of good corn cherish is aggravating, a few moisture slightly tall and calorific and dangerous corn also is in 1620 yuan / ton sell. High grade corn makes the same score cabin price to go up generally to 1650-1660 inside harbor now yuan / ton, but because at present corn arrives cost already exceeded this price almost, trafficker sells a desire not strong. Although aquaculture returns to normal,south sells a division, demand of feed business corn rises gradually. But from the contest price that grain lays in in the center of May 6 sale status sees the market not be short of grain, so that south sells area value to follow,go up impetus not as good as northward, but rise posture is changeless. Shekou harbor clinchs a deal now price rises to 1820, 1830 yuan / ton, 1850 yuan / ton also have clinch a deal. But arrive as a result of before two weeks the quantity slants little, feed business restores to purchase somewhat relatively active, at present stockpile of the corn inside harbor already fell to 23-24 10 thousand tons are controlled, add psychology of carry out of occurrence cherish of the city after market public figure is general and bullish, rise in price the trend is clear.
Countrywide corn rises in price the reason induces as follows: One, source of food of area of near future northeast decreases stage by stage, mood of carry out of grain farming cherish is strengthened, spot market turnover is less; 2, stock of company of corn deep treatment becomes loose somewhat, purchase enthusiasm to lift and country store grain is bought still carrying out, for price of corn of source of scare buying food ceaseless too tall; 3, northeast corn is bought cost and carry rise in price, drove price of inside Shanghaiguan corn to take tall trend.
Strength of national policy adjusting control increases: From " 51 " remove China and foreign countries of railway ministry market to carry northeast commissariat stabilizes southern grain value, but from the price of contest of central reserve grain May 6 sale status looks, the market is not short of grain, meanwhile country store grain is bought also carrying out in farther also added the market to supply hasten to tighten to market of northeast food source, predict short-term inside price of northeast corn yield a division still has rise space.
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