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Oily market level of corn of near future home is analysed
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Begin from Zhou Chu, outside dish period price maintains on raise posture, but demand of domestic oil spot market is maintained low confuse condition, hand in for the market cast psychology to cause certain effect, below the pressure of demand, corn oil continues to maintain inertial dropping posture. Current, because each are landed area corn oily cost is uneven, the price clinchs a deal on market consequently relatively confused, most manufacturer visits the town after sky, shipment is relatively active. Short-term corn oil rebounds the risk is bigger, but answer what amplitude modulation already experienced cost to restrain. Concrete analysis is as follows:
One, oil of each district corn quotes price difference is pulled big
Since close period of time, go as a result of case of corn oil price sign is not good, cost of early days raw material is higher, oily factory profit is affected, so oily go into operation of each district corn is not very active. The phenomenon of occurrence polarization of integral corn oily market, partial oily home is in stop machine is wait-and-see condition, pressure of oily plant inventory gets alleviating, so existence holds out valence psychology; And another portion oily plant gets be usinged up effectively as a result of inventory of early days high price, manufacturer depress price sells meaning promoting demand, so the demand a low price sells apiration thicker. Because manufacturer is right difference of the city after oil price is bigger, quoted price of oil of each district corn is relatively confused, price difference is pulled gradually big, among them Henan area quoted price of oil of 4 class corn is inferior be in 10150 yuan / ton, 4 class oil of Heibei quote in 10300-10400 yuan / ton, shipment is less, and quoted price of Shanxi portion oily plant is in 10500 yuan as before / ton, manufacturer shipment all is paid no attention to want. But relative to character, quoted price of corn crude oil is relatively stable, difference of each district price is maintained in normal level, at present manufacturer quoted price is in more 9200-9500 yuan.
2, corn price is certain in go strong, maize bud price is strong
Recently, beautiful dish of corn is little go up raise, company of corn deep treatment in succession raise up the price is bought, and the starch of company of deep treatment of corn of domestic major area and alcohol are sold not free, manufacturer is general and so strong maize bud comes on the stage the price. At present quote of embryo of 38% oiliness corn is in Heilongjiang area as before 3600-3800 yuan, and manufacturer supply of goods is relatively nervous, jilin is major 40% oiliness quote is in manufacturer 4000 yuan, heibei and Shandong region quoted price are in higher 4000-4200 yuan (40% oiliness) . But from become friendship condition to look, although maize bud price is high look forward to, but in oil of domestic major area factory merchandise on hand supplies more sufficient condition to fall, case of corn oil price goes situation still assuming greater pressure, desire of replenish onr's stock of crude oil manufacturer is not so strong, if later period oil price continues to drop, maize bud also will face the risk that the callback arranges.
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