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Overview of oily a week of corn of the 19th week of 2008 home and hind city anal
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This week 2008 the 19th week (on May 5 - on May 9) , oil of this the corn inside Zhou Guo is maintained drop posture, but drop last week relatively situation alleviate somewhat, market whole clinchs a deal the quantity still is paid no attention to want, major oily plant is in park plane position. Although outside this week dish go sign is good, but corn oil is clinched a deal by the be a burden on of demand the price goes soft continuously, and inventory of high price of early days of partial oily plant gets use up effectively, the demand a low price is so more, integral market quoted price is relatively confused. This week prices reviewing and look into an analysis to be as follows next week:
One, case of oil price of two weeks of corn is parallel Main area 4 class corn is oily Crude oil Last week
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