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Domestic corn prices will go situation overview on May 8
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According to this net latest news: Zhou Er, CBOT corn futures suffers sow process influence, period price receives tall 6-8 cent. But domestic Dalian dish it is concussion pattern, go up drop each other shows. Respect of merchandise on hand, northeast produces area and haven to still maintain rise trend, south sells an area to show weak sign slightly.
One, domestic corn market level is dynamic:
Northeast price yield a division continues to maintain rise trend
Source of near future food drop off, farmer cherish is strengthened in carry out heart, impose deep treatment company and state store grain is moved to so that go up ceaselessly,attract food source buy the price, specific as follows: Corn of 4 Ping Tiancheng company buy Jilin valence buys the price 1580 yuan / ton, nearly two buy a quantity to show small to increase a current every day; The loose primary responsibility that surpass force amounts to 1540 yuan / ton changeless, day buys a quantity to add control to 1500 tons; Huang Long and in biochemical princess mountain buys grain valence 1500 yuan / ton, day buys a quantity to be controlled in 500 tons respectively. Water of individual food business divides Yi spring area 14% corn buy valence to go up to it is 1400 yuan / ton, relatively rise in price yesterday 20 yuan / ton; Harbin trafficker buys valence to be 1420, 1460 yuan / ton.
Price of corn of area of China north, yellow the Huaihe River is stable concussion
Get local market the impact is bigger, area of China north, yellow the Huaihe River presents smooth concussion trend. 15% corn buy moisture of trafficker of Heibei Baoding area valence is 1570 yuan / ton, relatively early days rises in price 10 yuan / ton; 15% corn buy moisture of Shijiazhuang area trafficker valence is 1610 yuan / ton. Mill of Zhengzhou area feed hangs out his shingle buy price 1730 - 1740 yuan / ton, buy valence actually to be 1710 yuan / ton, moisture 15% , bought an amount recently the price does not have much full already storehouse rise trend; Nanyang feed mill is 1670 yuan into factory price / ton, the price is stable. Water of district of Shandong bank city divides 15% trafficker to buy valence to be 1580 yuan / ton, the price that take a plant is 1760 yuan / ton, keep balance; Individual food business buys Tai'an area valence is 1600 yuan / ton, corn waits to be into factory price in feed mill 1730, 1750 yuan / ton, the price is stable.
The southern price that sell a division rises steadily
Return to normal as a result of aquaculture on one hand, feed demand relatively on the month increases gradually, demand of feed business corn increases, purchase enthusiasm to upsurge relatively; Suffer northeast to produce an area to buy on the other hand cost and of carriage price rise prop up, the southern price that sell a division picks up stage by stage. Price of platform of Hefei northeast corn rises to 1790 yuan / ton, relatively Zhou Chu rises in price 20 yuan / ton, feed mill is 1810 yuan into factory price / ton. Chengdu is northeast in producing, wait to be to station price 1840- - 1860 yuan / ton, feed mill is into factory price 1860, 1880 yuan / ton, rise in price 20 yuan / or so tons; Shanxi corn is 1900 yuan into factory price / ton. Wuhan Henan corn arrives station price 1810, 1820 yuan / ton, the price is stable. Corn of northeast of Guangxi Guilin area is 1880 yuan to station price / ton, nanning area is into factory price 1880, 1900 yuan / ton.
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