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Market level of each district corn will be analysed on May 9
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According to this net latest news: Suffer weather and Zhou Wuyue to spend report of supply and demand to anticipate element drives Liduoyin, futures of corn of Zhou Si CBOT closes considerably tall, dish in achieve a record new tall. Now domestic Dalian dish still maintain exalted concussion situation, but period price picks up stage by stage on main area. Than photograph comparing, spot market is to rise steadily on corn price.
One, domestic corn market level is dynamic:
Northeast produces an area to appear as before rise trend
The 51 northeast after passing produce area corn price to go up again tone, its reason is as follows: One, restore to accelerate as aquaculture, will enter May breed feed demand busy season, feed machines an enterprise to increase to corn demand; 2, deep treatment company buys enthusiasm to be not decreased, country store of grain buy still undertaking in occurrence contest price buys a situation; 3, the surplus grain in farmer hand drops continuously, the accentuation in heart of cherish carry out is brought about appear on the market corn decreases.
Corn waits to buy price in Harbin area trafficker at present 1460, 1490 yuan / ton; Corn waits to be into factory price in company of green ridge deep treatment 1450, 1460 yuan / ton. Jilin 4 Ping Tiancheng buys the price 1580 yuan / ton; Heart benefit kindly help secure the success of something: Buy the price 1560 yuan / ton. Trafficker water divides Meng Chifeng inside 14% buy the price 1500 yuan / or so tons, rise 20 yuan / ton; Mill of feed of the area that connect distant receives factory price 1550 yuan / ton.
Northwest price is certain in go up raise, china north, Yellow Sea keeps smooth
Suffer demand of business of aquaculture, deep treatment to increase an influence, reduce enthusiasm of grain of farmer carry out plus food source relatively early days is reduced somewhat, northwest region price is stable go up raise. Water of plant of starch of the inn below Xi'an divides 14.5% corn to buy valence to go up to 1640 yuan / ton, rise in price 20, 30 yuan / ton. Moisture of factory of starch of red Xin of Shanxi Xin city 14% buy valence to be 1560 yuan / ton, rise in price 10 yuan / ton; Mill of feed of carry city district is 1580 yuan into factory price / ton.
China north, Huang Huai suffers between area influence of supply demand relations is faced with stop production plus manufacturer of starch of the part end June, purchase an amount drop off, rise in price active inadequacy. 15% or so corn buys moisture of trafficker of business grave area valence is 1602 yuan / ton; Zhengzhou is big mill of boreal farming feed hangs out his shingle buy price 1730 - 1740 yuan / ton, buy valence actually to be 1710 yuan / ton, moisture 15% . Baoding area trafficker buys valence to be 1570 yuan / ton, feed mill is into factory price 1590, 1600 yuan / ton; 15% corn buy Shijiazhuang trafficker moisture valence is 1610 yuan / ton, the price that take a plant is 1630 yuan / ton. Water of group of hill thing king divides 15% or so corn to be 1720 yuan into factory price / ton; Shandong He lustre company of area deep treatment buys price price to be 1680, 1700 yuan / ton.
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