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Overview of a week of markets of 8 years of the 19th week of corn and hind city
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End this week (on May 5, on May 9) domestic corn price basically is as follows:
Corn produces region state of affairs:
Price of the 51 corn after passing afterwards continues to maintain rise strong, northeast produces area corn price to go up again tone, amplitude modulation is in on 20, 50 yuan / ton between, with respect to its the reason induces as follows: One, restore to accelerate as aquaculture, will enter May breed feed demand busy season, feed machines an enterprise to increase to corn demand; 2, deep treatment company buys enthusiasm to be not decreased, country store of grain buy still undertaking in occurrence contest price buys a situation; 3, the surplus grain in farmer hand drops continuously, the accentuation in heart of cherish carry out brings about turnover of the corn on market to decrease. Company of Jilin area deep treatment and country store element of source of food of grain scare buying is driven rise in price range is bigger, 4 Ping Tiancheng buys price at present 1580 yuan / ton, rise in price this week 20 yuan / ton; Heart benefit kindly help secure the success of something buys the price 1560 yuan / ton. Ministry of career of Zhao Dong of the grain in Heilongjiang buys valence to be 1460 yuan at present / ton, rise in price 10 yuan / ton, harbin trafficker buys valence to be 1480, 1500 yuan / ton, rise in price 40 yuan / ton. Mill of feed of Liaoning Shenyang area buys valence to be 1470, 1500 yuan / ton, rise in price 30, 50 yuan of / . Trafficker of unconscious bare peak buys valence to go up to inside it is 1500 yuan / ton, rise in price 40 yuan / ton; Mill of the feed that connect distant is 1550 yuan into factory price / ton, rise 20 yuan / ton.
Area of China north, northwest suffers between area concern quite and impact of market supply and demand is bigger, expression is take strong trend smoothly. Measure factory of starch of part of area of Heibei, Shandong to be by June to ensure sky is temperamental during the Olympic Games will shut stop production, so that purchase enthusiasm and stock up quantity to all drop somewhat, rise in price the space is limited, the price is basic and stable. Heibei Shijiazhuang trafficker buys price 1590, 1600 yuan / ton, rise in price inside this week 10 yuan / ton, the price that take a plant 1620, 1630 yuan / ton; Mill of Baoding area feed receives factory price 1570, 1590 yuan / ton, the price is basic and stable. Henan Zhengzhou is big mill of boreal farming feed hangs list price 1730 yuan / ton, buy valence actually to be 1700-1710 yuan / ton; Luoyang feed mill is into factory price 1670, 1680 yuan / ton; Business grave trafficker buys price 1600 yuan / ton, the price is stable. Group of hill thing king receives factory price 1720 yuan / ton, the price is stable; Bank city trafficker buys price 1580 yuan / ton, rise in price 20 yuan / ton. Xi'an starch factory buys price 1640 yuan / ton, rise in price 20 yuan / ton. Factory of starch of red Xin of Shanxi Xin city buys valence to be 1560 yuan / ton; Mill of carry city feed is 1580 yuan into factory price / ton, rise in price 20 yuan / ton.
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