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Attention: Oily market of corn of near future home goes situation analysis
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Yesterday, be reported by American Ministry of Agriculture interest good factor is affected, beautiful dish rise considerably, contract of futures of soya-bean oil of Chinese Dalian Commodity Exchange dish in most also harden, of outer force pull move below, domestic whole grease appears of different level rise, corn oil complies with a trend, ended a month eventually drop situation, manufacturer quotes be moved on appreciably. End now, quoted price of 4 class oil is in Heibei area 10300-10400 yuan / ton, crude oil price is maintained in 9300-9500 yuan, case of oil price of one class corn is in Shandong 11800-12300 yuan, crude oil quote is in 9400-9600 yuan, 9400-9600 of price of northeast area crude oil yuan, oily 11500-12000 of one class corn yuan. Compare with early days photograph, sex of phase of domestic corn oily whole goes tall, meanwhile, trafficker purchases apiration to also become loose somewhat, produce an area to become friendship condition to tend stable. Concrete analysis is as follows:
One, the raise on crude oil price, cost of corn oily manufacturer is increased
Current, price of corn of area of domestic produce and sale rises power is continuous, add, branch of national environmental protection is amylaceous to each district of factory, ethanol plant rectify, stop production of manufacturer of production of embryo of each district corn is restricted to produce serious, quoted price of manufacturer of embryo of 38% oiliness corn is in current and northeast area more 3600 yuan, quote of embryo of 40% oiliness corn is in area of Heibei, Shandong 3700-3800 yuan, plumule price still resides perch relative to corn crude oil. Because crude oil goes up relatively fine corn oil wants tall, so profit of refined oil factory is affected, be opposite to answer at the same time home market demand is exhausted weak condition, oil factory adopted the part to stop machine, be restricted to produce wait for measure to alleviate the inventory pressure of its oneself. Although the Pan Zhen outside the near future swings,go tall, but because corn is oily the demand that enters level sex is off-season, and main area buys fundamental supply and demand have produce big change, and experienced the adjustment of near two months hind, psychology of the trafficker on the market still relatively flimsy.
2, beautiful report is propped up, domestic grease period price harden
Because of what American Ministry of Agriculture releases supply and demand will report interest is much May, achieve the history plus futures of American crude oil new tall, built for soya-bean oil market thereby make much interest grumously, market of soya-bean oil of Zhou Wu CBOT rises considerably, brunt agreement will rise July 2.45 cent. American Ministry of Agriculture releases interest of data of supply and demand is much May. Dosage of soya-bean oil of home of predicting United States of American Ministry of Agriculture predicts only small growth, because give birth to the soya-bean oil dosage of content fuel industry,amplitude basically is fallen by edible a place is quits. 15% what the soya-bean oil dosage of industry of fuel of 2008/09 year biology predicts to hold soya-bean oil total output, under photograph comparing, this one scale is last year 14% .
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