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Hopeful of domestic corn whole rises, local occurrence concussion situation
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End a Zhou San, CBOT corn week gets weather improvement, close considerably low. Zhou Er, CBOT corn continues to suffer cast dish dozen pressure, but end dish appear to be pulled quickly litre, but grow next long hatching to show next archives are propped up relatively driving, hopeful gradually explore problem picks up; Main area weather still exists to the influence that sow, although nearly two days of weather have a bit,improve, but week quarto only then will appear again bigger rainfall, it is good that this forms benefit to corn price prop up, add crude oil farewell the perch of 126 dollars, predicting beauty corn still has rise space.
Zhou Yi, domestic Dalian dish Dalian dish go up period value is little raise, clinch a deal active price gradually get warm again after a cold spell. Because home breeds big province Sichuan to produce violent temblor, sudden catastrophic incident may be right of corn go situation cause be affected certainly and stricken be hit by a natural adversity and particular case had be notted announce, concern weakens the consumption of corn accordingly, so that Zhou Er, Zhousan connects pattern of corn slow cattle to be broken, brunt agreement 0901 low low go, clinch a deal to measure and maintain a warehouse the capacity all appears substantially atrophic. Because the earthquake weighs disaster area to not be in,breed an area inside, predict pair of corn consumption impacts are not big, so that respect of merchandise on hand does not have apparent change basically, still maintain rise smoothly situation condition. In advocate source of food yield a division decreases, deep treatment company and country store the contest price of grain is bought drive below, price of northeast area corn rises smoothly; South sells an area to suffer this to buy cost to affect on one hand, breed on the other hand also the addition of feed demand is driven, the price rises generally. Together with on May 13 country store grain is auctioned entirely in what breed big province, predicting later period still has rise space.
One, northeast food source decreases, country store with deep treatment contest price is bought, the price rises smoothly
Northeast advocate price of corn yield a division rises ceaselessly case study is as follows:
1. The surplus grain in hand of near future farmer relatively photograph of the corresponding period compares in former years to decrease ceaselessly, psychology of farmer cherish carry out is very intense, hand civilian hand is at present medium corn about only 10% the left and right sides. The carry outside corn no longer difficult, trafficker shipment is very active, enthusiasm of purchase and sale is rising, drove further provincial the market price case of corn
2. Suffer buy an amount drop off influence, to attract company of food source deep treatment and local grain depot to go up ceaselessly tone buys the price. Changchun is become greatly rise in price 40 yuan / ton, at present second-class corn buys valence to go up to it is 1600 yuan / ton; Third class buys price 1590 yuan / ton; De Huiyu reachs 1600 yuan into the attune on second-class price / ton; Country of princess mountain place store grain buys price 1620 yuan / ton.
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