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Market level of each district corn will be analysed on May 14
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According to this net latest news: Zhou Er, CBOT corn continues to suffer cast dish dozen pressure, but end dish appear to be pulled quickly litre. Now domestic Dalian dish corn continues to drop, the market maintains a warehouse the quantity continues cut, clinch a deal insipid, and respect of merchandise on hand keeps stable except China north area, whole still is to rise smoothly.
One, domestic corn market level is dynamic:
Price of northeast corn yield a division continues to rise
The near future, advocate source of food yield a division is farther company of less deep treatment buys a quantity to go up again to increase tone buys the price and country store of grain buy still continueing, so that corn price is ceaseless,rise. Kindly help secure the success of something of Jilin heart benefit buys the attune on valence to reach 1600 yuan / ton, but buy a quantity to not have increase apparently; Plum bayou mounds health ethanol plant buys valence to rise 20 yuan reach 1580 yuan / ton; Changchun buys the attune on valence to reach 1600 yuan into second-class corn greatly / ton, rise in price 40 yuan / ton; Third class corn buys valence to go up to it is 1590 yuan / ton. Water of individual food business divides Harbin area 15% the following corn buy valence to be 1400 yuan / ton, relatively Zhou Chu rises in price 20, 30 yuan / ton, platform price is 1560 yuan / ton. Water of mill of feed of the area that connect distant divides 15% the following corn to buy valence to be 1580 yuan / ton, keep balance.
Area of China north, yellow the Huaihe River goes smoothly tall
Suffer between area impact of supply demand relations is bigger, area of China north, Yellow Sea appears to take tall trend smoothly. 15% the following corn buy Shijiazhuang trafficker moisture valence is 1600 yuan / ton, platform price 1620, 1630 yuan / ton; Farm of area of island of emperor of the Qin Dynasty is high grade corn buys price 1660, 1680 yuan / ton, amylaceous factory receives factory price 1620 yuan / ton. Water of mill of feed of carry city district divides 15% corn to buy valence to be 1500 yuan / ton; Mill of feed of Xin city district buys price 1540 yuan / ton, moisture 15% , the price is stable. Trafficker of Shandong bank city buys valence to be 1600 yuan / ton, rise in price 20 yuan / ton, the price that take a plant still is 1730, 1740 yuan / ton; King group water divides 15% the following corn to buy valence to be 1730 yuan on the west / ton.
South sells an area to rise smoothly
Suffer northeast to produce an area to rise in price pull move and increase of demand of local aquaculture feed gradually, price of the southern corn that sell a division appears of different level rise. Hefei northeast corn is 1760 yuan to station price / ton, platform cent sells valence to go up to 1800 yuan / ton, rise in price 10, 20 yuan / ton. Guangxi Nanning goes up to it is 1890 yuan / ton, the price relatively Zhou Chu rises 40 yuan / ton; 2010 yuan are before corn of northeast of small trafficker of area of jade forest land distributes the item that sell price / ton (pass for many times to the corn in farmer hand from haven price of have enough to meet need is higher) rise in price 30 yuan / ton. . Second-class corn goes to Xuzhou northeast station price 1780 yuan / ton; Corn trade price waits in Changzhou case 1760 yuan / ton, rise in price 20 yuan / ton. Company of oily south of Dalian north grain (Shenzhen) at present mart branch sells price 1850, 1880 yuan / ton, feed mill goes up to into factory price for 1880, 1890 yuan / ton, relatively Zhou Chu rises 10, 20 yuan / ton.
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