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New corn of company of Jilin province deep treatment is bought dynamic
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Dispatch of network of Chinese corn market: Afterwards Changchun is become greatly pull open 8 years of new corn to buy foreword behind the curtain, company of biochemical princess mountain reachs grain in yellow dragon company also hang out buys the price and level, the first day buys a situation general.
Company of biochemical princess mountain reachs grain in yellow dragon company: Register list price case 1400 yuan / ton, quality grade is second-class, moisture 14% , foreign matter 1% , mildew changes 2% . 1 than 1.2 discounts, price of 30% moisture corn is in 0.5656 yuan / jin. The first day of two businesses day buys a quantity to all be controlled in 200 tons.
Changchun becomes greatly: Buy price 1350 yuan / ton (second-class) changeless, 30% water divide price of 1.5 impurity wet grain to be in 0.564 yuan / jin, gold is become reach buy grain opening day to buy gross on average to be close to 2000 tons into two greatly.
The loose primary responsibility that surpass force amounts to a company: Still using Chen Liang to buy valence to buy new grain at present, buy the price 1500 yuan / ton, price of 30% moisture corn is in 0.606 yuan / jin, day buys a quantity to be controlled in hundreds tons, nevertheless this enterprise is reduced of purpose now buy the price.
Provincial company of other deep treatment suffers the element such as overhaul of product line road to affect, still did not open a balance to buy new grain temporarily. This net will continue to give attention.
Origin: Network of Chinese corn market

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