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New food is about to appear northeast corn " calm view its change "
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Integration analysis, although northeast this year advocate bumper harvest of corn yield a division already was become finality, can constitute pressure to spot market of whole of later period home, but in cultivate cost to rise, the influence of element of macroscopical adjusting control leaves the country, case of the market price on corn of northeast this year area will " leave high " , later as appear on the market of the quantity magnify gradually and somewhat fall after a rise. Beforehand appraise buys principal part this year basically will be the large food group that implements the policy that ask city, and the group of commissariat purchase and sale that has dimensions relatively also will expand buy an amount, the food business with partial relatively lesser dimensions, last year corn trades deficit appears in the process, exit because of this possibly this year buy the market, relatively onefold and actual strength purchases benefit of main body general abundantly to be stabilized at corn price.
Reap near end -- northeast new food be about to embark upon a political venture
During National Day grows a holiday, northeast area corn reaps the job to spread out in the round, and as holiday the end reaps the job also enter end. According to statistic, up to on October 9, inner Mongolia is reaped finish 90% , liaoning province is reaped finish 95% above, jilin province is reaped finish nearly 90% , appreciably of Heilongjiang province plan is slow, finish at present about 80% . Heilongjiang province has not have the area that reap, include " station stalk " the farm corn of precipitation, short-term inside process of Heilongjiang province results is achieved hard 100% , and other province will be finished very quickly, as the farmer field job decreases to end even, new corn can come on stage in succession. Be in early last year province of Liaoning of the last ten-day of a month will have a few new corn to appear on the market in September, but as a result of the amount less, water separates on the high side, its price did not produce an effect to the market. Till will be controlled on October 11, the factory door that saves company of some large deep treatment in Jilin is bought drive, northeast area new corn buys the job to just spread out gradually truly. This year also is such, this industry expresses to predict factory door will buy new grain on October 10, with date is basic and same last year.
Supply an amount less -- Chen Liang price still is maintained strong
Up to now, in northeast farmer hand do not have corn stockpile basically, enterprise of food business, purchase and sale, grain depot still has partial goods in stock, but as a result of cost on the high side, price of delivery of cargo from storage is mostly exalted and stable. And the feed business of on the low side of level of a few inventory, and the breed aquatics that cannot maintain new food to appear on the market without inventory or inventory door still buy Chen Liang in effort, pull then move price of rice of specific area Chen Yu to go tall. According to understanding of Chinese soja net, heilongjiang will save rice of Chen Yu of mill of feed of Shang Zhi area on October 9 every tons (similarly hereinafter) buy quote to be 1600 yuan, with photograph of the last ten-day of a month will be compared in September rise 40 yuan, and occupy food trade report, because this company gap is bigger, clinch a deal actually the price still can talk things over up; Twin city district breeds Hu Chenyu rice to buy price 1600 yuan, rise 20 yuan; Lily magnolia county breeds door buy price 1560 ~ 1580 yuan, rise 20 ~ 30 yuan; Peony river area breeds door buy price 1580 ~ 1600 yuan, rise 20 yuan. Price of rice of major Chen Yu preserves northeast area strong. Among them, mill of the feed inside Harbin city buys quoted price 1630 ~ 1640 yuan, mill of Changchun area feed buys quoted price 1640 ~ 1660 yuan, shenyang feed mill buys quoted price 1660 ~ 1680 yuan, all with the last ten-day of a month will keep balance in September. Old corn price will still preserve area of northeast of predicting near future strong, the likelihood after new corn batch appears on the market somewhat fall after a rise, but at the appointed time old corn supplies an amount will very few, already dried up even.
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