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Corn of company of Jilin province deep treatment buys trends (10.16)
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Jilin is provincial the business that begins to buy new corn buys circumstance whole good, surpass force issue to amount to a company to will buy the price to make the following shift among them, other company price maintains eve level.

The thing that surpass force amounts to a company: Buy the price 1480 yuan / ton, relatively eve reduced 20 yuan / ton, 30% water divide corn price to fall to 0.59 yuan / jin, day buys a quantity to did not see decrease.

Changchun becomes greatly: Register list price case 1350 yuan / ton changeless, 30% moisture buy valence to still be in 0.564 yuan / jin, day buys a quantity to be added only without decrease, estimation gold is become reach buy bit of day to buy a quantity to already exceeded 2000 tons into two greatly.

Huang Long and in grain company of biochemical princess mountain: Register list price case 1400 yuan / ton changeless, day buys a quantity to be in 200-300 or so tons.

Additional, in grain ministry of career of biochemical Heilongjiang Zhao Dong, will buy the price to fall reach 1480 yuan / ton, buy for new food prepare.
Origin: Northeast feed website

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