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Shallow analyse policy whether open a season for domestic corn?
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The near future, national hair changes appoint came on stage strong farming, benefit farming measure, announce northeastern region presses 1500 yuan / ton the price executes a country to close temporarily store, main body of a few markets thinks of this one policy coming on stage is good factor of one big profit undoubtedly the market to domestic corn, but buy policy whether form the significant action that prop up to still need farther observation to northeast corn price. Concrete analysis:
Hold city in the palm to buy policy to did not transmit overmuch long-term and bullish signal
It is reported, country this second northeastern region starts close temporarily store the amount is 5 million tons, among them Jilin saves 1.8 million tons, lowest buys valence to be GB second-class corn 1.5 yuan / kilogram; Heilongjiang 1.3 million tons, lowest buys valence to be GB second-class corn 1.48 yuan / kilogram; Liaoning 900 thousand tons, Inner Mongolia 1 million tons, lowest buys valence to all be GB second-class corn 1.52 yuan / kilogram. From the point of price respect, the corn country of standard moisture store buy the price to already reached northeast farmer the psychology before this anticipates, but from the point of actual condition, because at present northeast market buys the price actually general prep above last year level of the corresponding period, if country store exceed 1% to buckle the standard buckling water of 1.58% to calculate by GB, jilin 1500 yuan / ton buy price amount to the wet grain of 30 moisture buys the price to be in 1140 yuan / ton, only relatively tower above of market price case 20 yuan / ton or keep balance. If press more comfortable last year exceed 1% to buckle the standard buckling water of 1.2% to calculate, wet grain buys the price to be in 1200 yuan about / or so tons, can compare market price case 60-80 of every tons of tower above yuan, rise because of what this leaves market price division the space is relatively limited.
Hold city in the palm to buy policy short-term inside still drive the market effectively hard buy enthusiasm
With what the corresponding period differred last year be, hold what city buys policy in the palm to publish what still may drive trade business harder to buy enthusiasm this year. The reason still basically depends on the following: The first, crop of northeast this year corn relatively growth is apparent last year, the market anticipates to issueing the corn of one year to rise in price weaker, widespread presence sees weak psychology. The market is bullish last year psychology is relatively intense, fastigium country appeared on the market to start before the Spring Festival store temporarily buy a plan, still many trafficker buy corn actively; The 2nd, because our country government is inside the corn sale season this year, take adjusting control step to the market continuously, for example, south sells an area to lay in grain auction, grain north carries south, northeast lays in corn auction to wait temporarily, bring about inland trade grain to manage the seasonal price difference with was not obtained normal to run a space.
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