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Alcohol of first corn chemical industry that produces per year 200 thousand tons
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Xinhua net Changchun on October 25 report (reporter Ma Yang) the first produces per year 200 thousand tons corn chemical industry that has completely own intellectual property is pure product line, 25 days build go into operation into the group greatly in Changchun. The building of this product line, the corn that advances China further deep treatment is mixed change a course.
As we have learned, alcohol of corn chemical industry is for raw material with corn development petrochemistry is tasted replace content, but utmost favourable geographical position replaces oil natural resources with corn resource, the corn that changed a tradition thoroughly machines a concept, walk out of a loop to use but the can develop continuously way of renewable resources.
The Jilin that Changchun is located on gold corn belt of China into the group greatly saves the Changchun City, the product of this company basically is raw material with corn, feed of pink of manufacturing corn starch, albumen, albumen, embryo dregses of rice, corn oil, waxy starch. Among them the market share that lysine product holds domestic nearly 70 % , it is the lysine production company with the biggest whole world.
To improve productivity further, this group innovates through science and technology, the crucial technology such as development of depart of craft of the design that solved activator, preparation, enlarge, synthesis, product, equipment, built the industry that produces per year activator of splitting decomposition of 1000 tons of Shan Lichun first in the world device and produce per year 200 thousand tons of corn multivariate product line of mellow large-scale industrialization, synthesized the third that has extensive use 2 alcohol, glycol, Ding Erchun multivariate pure product, formed the biology chemical industry that has primitive innovation and own intellectual property achievement of revolutionary new technology, for more large-scale industry application and promotion provided a basis.
According to introducing, as a result of the breakthrough on the technology and innovation, the chemical pure product line that designs 200 thousand tons formerly can come true produce per year alcohol of 400 thousand tons of chemical industry, implementation year achieve production value 4 billion yuan, reduce corn to use up 10. 40 thousand tons, managing investment is close 2.8 billion yuan.
Origin: Xinhua net

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