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Measure of government of trial of district of national corn breed (try out)
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General principles of the first chapter
1.1 basises " law of seed of People's Republic of China " concerned regulation, area of breed of constituent state corn experiments, make this way.
The purpose that area of breed of 1.2 countries corn experiments is appraisal and the high yield that choose area of zoology of appropriate and different corn to cultivate, firm produce, fight go against a gender the admirable corn new breed with strong, wide adaptability.
Trial of district of breed of 1.3 countries corn is national corn breed authorized the main basis with region composition.
The 2nd chapter runs a system
2.1 basises accredit of Ministry of Agriculture, area of national corn breed experiments in countrywide crop breed authorized committee leader falls, by service center of countrywide agrotechnical promotion (center of farming ability of whole nation of the following abbreviation) the organization is carried out.
2.2 each provincial seed control stand are accountability the constituent government that helps center of countrywide farming ability be in charge of area of breed of corn of the country inside area of politics of one's own profession experimenting.
Division into districts of zoology of our country corn mixes 2.3 basises production is actual, if dry test group is fastened,install, entrust respectively chair unit organization to carry out. Experiment government executes compere to be in charge of making. Each groups of compere should have title of technology of intermediate above major, 5 years above is engaged in trial of provincial corn district organizing administrative experience, have deep love for this job and have stronger enterprise and constituent capacity, handle affairs justice, the professional technology personnel that can be competent to work originally.
The 3rd chapter is chaired unit and bear the duty that tries an unit
The 3.1 obligation that manage an unit, it is the area of national corn breed that organizes this group according to running way originally the experiment guidance opinion that the experiment works and carries out center of countrywide farming ability; 2 it is to assist center of countrywide farming ability or basis its entrust an organization to hold an area to try annual meeting and experiment to make an on-the-spot investigation; 3 it is to finish on time to the experiment is summed up and try breed to joining (combination) offer specific evaluation opinion, so that the area tries annual meeting examine and verify; 4 it is to make the experiment of this area implement plan, offer an area to try to annual meeting is revised and decide; 5 it is the routine that responsible processing experiment concerns.
3.2 bear the duty that tries an unit, it is to carry out an experiment strictly to implement plan; 2 it is to choose to representative plot regards an experiment as cropland, place of prep above of field management summary produces a standard and
Ensure test data is accurate and reliable; 3 it is pair of ginseng the evaluation that tries breed to make just, accurate, science finishs year test report on time; 4 it is to the experiment the job offers rationalize proposal.
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