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Main crop breed authorized method
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General principles of the first chapter

The first is science, just, seasonable ground breed of authorized and main crop, basis " law of seed of People's Republic of China " (the following abbreviation " seminal law " ) the 15th regulation, make this way.

The 2nd main crop breed in churchyard of People's Republic of China is authorized, applicable this method.

This the 3rd method place weighs main crop, it is to point to " seminal law " the 74th the first crop that the paragraph sets the 3rd times.

Breed of the 2nd chapter is authorized committee

The 4th Ministry of Agriculture establishs national crop breed authorized committee, breed of crop of responsible state level is authorized. Branch of director of provincial agriculture administration establishs provincial crop breed authorized committee, breed of responsible and provincial crop is authorized.

The 5th breed is authorized committee by scientific research, education, production, promotion, management, use the professional composition that waits for a respect. The committee member ought to have title of advanced and professional technology or job of above handling level, the age is in 55 years old commonly the following. Every lieutenancy 5 years.

Breed is authorized committee sets a director 1, name of vice director 2-3.

The 6th breed is authorized committee creates the office, responsible breed is authorized the routine of committee, set a director 1, name of vice director 1-2.

The 7th breed is authorized committee establishs professional committee by crop sort, each major committee is comprised by 9-13 person, set a director 1, name of vice director 1-2.

The 8th is in the area that has zoology diversity, authorized committee is setting provincial crop variety the city of the area, autonomous prefecture creates authorized group, assume the job of first trial of main crop breed that popularizes application at be inside specific zoology area aptly. Each are authorized the group is comprised by 7-11 person, set a group leader 1, name of 1-2 of assistant group leader.

Authorized committee establishs the 9th breed chairman committee, by breed authorized committee chairman, vice director, each professional committee chairman, each authorized group group leader, office director is comprised.

The 3rd chapter applies for and accept

The unit with authorized breed of the 10th application and individual (applicant of the following abbreviation) , OK and direct to national breed authorized committee offers authorized committee or provincial variety application.

Often did not reside place to perhaps do business in China other perhaps organization is in enterprise of spatial foreigner, foreign country Chinese application breed is authorized, ought to entrust representative of the Chinese seed scientific research that has corporate organization, production, management orgnaization.
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