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The Agriculture Bank serves " 3 farming " is pilot and comprehensive carry fast
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The Agriculture Bank plans to will begin in October from this year, be deepened further and enlarge a service " 3 farming " pilot, will push in the round in the whole nation in October to next year, promote a service " 3 farming " each job development is abiding begin.

As we have learned, be deepened this and enlarge a service " 3 farming " pilot, pilot job continuity mixes early days of since Agriculture Bank outspread, also be to be pushed in the round " 3 farming " the prewar drilling of financial servive routine and preparation. On overall arrangement, agriculture Bank pilot branch is saving 8 early days completely pilot job is turned inside limits, other province (area) branch and corps branch choose 2 above each 2 class branch is begun pilot, the city goes according to " service " 3 farming " overall executive program " requirement, had done actively " 3 farming " financial servive routine. In the meantime, 6 branch such as Agriculture Bank Fujian, Guangxi, Sichuan, Gansu Province, Zhejiang, Shandong turn career department in the round reform is pilot, to next year in October, service " 3 farming " the job is pushed in the round in the whole nation.

Through deepen and expanding pilot, the Agriculture Bank anticipates will achieve 4 goals: It is a service " 3 farming " area, client and business fixed position are more clear, "3 farming " financial service system is initial build. 2 be " 3 farming " the system mechanism safeguard that business grows is more strong, "3 farming " system of management of financial career department is initial form. 3 be " 3 farming " business implementation develops effectively, the risk controls ability to promote apparently. 4 it is the social figure with good Agriculture Bank is established further, the external environment that reforms progress is improved significantly. Ultimate goal is to be inside complete travel limits, the service that exploration gives to succeed quite " 3 farming " effective mode.

In addition, this conference is clear, the Agriculture Bank is deepened and enlarge is faced greatly " 3 farming " financial service is pilot, basically include to look for accurate market fixed position, compose to build product system system, aggrandizement risk management, strengthen the resource safeguard, main task that accelerates 5 respects such as reform of prefectural subbranch of a bank. According to this target, the Agriculture Bank advances development personnel of orgnaization of prefectural subbranch of a bank to reform, compressor closes, enrich a gleam of, choose a batch of business are ripe, understand " 3 farming " , the enthusiasm, first-class staff that is willing to plunge into basis layer holds a post to prefectural subbranch of a bank, enrich leading group of prefectural subbranch of a bank. At the same time the Agriculture Bank will be pressed duty, the principle of reciprocity of authority, benefit, enlarge limits of authority of management of prefectural subbranch of a bank further, enhance its to be managed independently, nearby the decision-making, capacity that controls risk and active service oneself, stabilize gross of prefectural region site, optimize site distribution, aggrandizement site serves a function, make prefectural region subbranch of a bank become strong " 3 farming " the client serves platform. In the villages and towns that does not have a site, the Agriculture Bank will adopt bank of group of director of client of going from place to place, self-help, phone bank, mobile phone bank to wait for a variety of service means, expand " 3 farming " the client's service covers a range.
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